Movie News Monday for August 6, 2012

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was incredibly busy but it is over and Monday is here! Get ready for your fix of weekly movie news…to be followed later this evening with my review of the “so-so” blockbuster Total Recall (stay tuned).

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Movie News Monday!” (“MNM!”)!! What is ‘MNM’all about?

In case this is your first time here, “Movie News Monday!” (MNM) is the place to visit every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! I’ve collected info, rumors, etc from all over just for you to keep you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Are you ready for your weekly update? Here it is!

This Just In!!…

#1- “The Weekend Winner.”  This past weekend, The Dark Knight Rises stayed on top for the third weekend in a row. Two additional wide new releases entered the box office arena, but couldn’t defeat The Dark Knight Rises which has now grossed over $350M domestically. Did you see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend? Did you take a peek into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid? Did you revist Total Recall

Here are the weekend’s estimated results for Fri, Aug 3 -Sun, Aug 5:

  1. The Dark Knight Rises ~$36.4M
  2. Total Recall (2012) ~$26M
  3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days ~$14.7M
  4. Ice Age: Continental Drift ~$8.4M
  5. The Watch ~$6.35M
  6. Ted ~$5.48M
  7. Step Up Revolution ~$5.3M
  8. The Amazing Spider-Man ~$4.3M
  9. Brave ~$2.9M
  10. Magic Mike ~$1.38M

Congrats once again to The Dark Knight Rises!

We built this city on rooooock and rooooolllllllll!!!

I can take NO credit for the awesome caption in the above picture. I borrowed it from Rodney at FernbyFilms. It was too funny to pass up! Genius.

#2- “Writers Week” A few film productions have found writers for their upcoming projects (For the moment anyways. It seems writers come and go like the wind lately). Check out a couple of quick announcements for the would-be/will-be/soon-to-be scribes of the following screenplays.

a. Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Chris McCoy has been hired to rewrite the script originally penned by Nicole Perlman. McCoy has been chosen, reportedly, because of the the level of “quirky comedic bents” in his writing. His previous works (with which I am unfamiliar) include 2007′s Get Back, 2009′s Good Looking and 2011′s Good Kids.

b. World of Warcraft recently saw it’s director Sam Raimi leave the project. But, while there is still a search for a director, Charles Leavitt (screenplay writer of Blood Diamond) has attached himself to the project and will be rewriting the script originally penned by Saving Private Ryan scribe Robert Rodat.

c. X-Files…3? Writer/Producer Frank Spotnitz wishes to continue the movie franchise that focuses on the abnormal and paranormal. He recently spoke in an interview with Collider and announced that he still wishes to do a third film. Check out the interview HERE.

Are you familiar with any of these writers’ works? Are you excited about the news?

#3- “Much ado about Much Ado.” Director Joss Whedon has two movies releasing on Blu-ray this upcoming September: The Cabin in the Woods and The Avengers. With all of that news, the spotlight has not been on another upcoming movie project of his: a rendition of the Shakespearean tale entitled Much Ado About Nothing. A modern day twist on a centuries old tale, Whedon’s rendition stars Nathan Fillion, Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Sean Maher, Riki Lindholme, and Clark Gregg and more and premieres at the Toronto Film Festival in September. Here’s a few new photos from the film.

For more on the film, visit its IMDB page HERE.

I am interested in seeing how this plays out. Are you?

#4- “Resident Evil: Retribution featurette” Alice’s story is the focus in this new featurette for the sixth installment of the video game based series Resident Evil. The new featurette takes you through a quick history of the previous films and catches you up to speed with what to expect in the upcoming thriller. A good background video to help make sense of the cluster of confusion and zombie-killing action that has defined the series so far.

Starring Milla Jovavich and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson this next installment looks to be even more of a global event with events taking place all over the world. Check it out below.

Any more interested in this upcoming film that the producers have promised would be far better than the fifth one was? Look for Alice to take you on a tour of her wonderland on September 14, 2012.

Are you ready for retribution?

#5- “This Week’s Blu-ray release.” This week, look for the following films on Blu-ray to possibly add to your collection:

The Lorax– Dr. Seuss’ beloved character makes his way into homes with a whimsical and environmental message for all. This fun animated adventure features the vocal talent of Betty White, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVito, and more. I had a lot of fun writing the review for this one. You should DEF check it out (Read my review HERE). Look to check this one out soon.

Several other films also release this week. Check it out!

Also releasing: Bel Ami, Blue Like Jazz, Marley, and the first season of Grimm.

Well, that’s it for this round of “Movie News Monday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 


  1. I’ll watch ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ for Fillion and Gregg, should be pretty cool! Ahah, I must say I laughed seeing the First Look of Resident Evil in front of Total Recall, can’t believe there are FIVE movies of those?? Wow, that Milla is one prolific gal, not to mention super bad-ass! 🙂


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