Movie News Monday for August 13, 2012

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Movie News Monday!” (“MNM!”)!! What is ‘MNM’all about?

In case this is your first time here, “Movie News Monday!” (MNM) is the place to visit every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! I’ve collected info, rumors, etc from all over just for you to keep you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Are you ready for your weekly update? Here it is!

This Just In!!…

#1- “The Weekend Winner.”  This past weekend, The Dark Knight Rises fell from #1 in the box office arena. One of the 3 wide new releases overtook the Caped Crusader: Bourne Legacy. But will the #1 spot go to Bourne again this upcoming weekend as The Expendables 2 goes at odds against the super-soldier and the Batman? Doubtful. The Campaign had to settle for 2nd place as most voted to see Bourne Legacy this past weekend.

Here are the weekend’s estimated results for Fri, Aug 10 -Sun, Aug 12:

  1. Bourne Legacy ~$40.3M
  2. The Campaign ~$27.4M
  3. The Dark Knight Rises ~$19.5M
  4. Hope Springs ~$15.6M
  5. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days ~$8.2M
  6. Total Recall (2012) ~$8.1M
  7. Ice Age: Continental Drift ~$6.8M
  8. Ted ~$3.3M
  9. Step Up Revolution ~$2.9M
  10. The Amazing Spider-Man ~$2.2M

Congrats to Bourne Legacy!

What did YOU watch this weekend?

#2- “Hotel Transylvania residents” Adam Sandler’s upcoming animated feature, Hotel Translyvania, has new character posters for the different characters in the movie. Check them out below. (Click to enlarge)

Hitting theaters on September 28th, here is the film’s official synopsis:

Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania, Dracula’s (Adam Sandler) lavish five-stake resort, where monsters and their families can live it up, free to be the monsters they are without humans to bother them.  On one special weekend, Dracula has invited some of the world’s most famous monsters – Frankenstein and his bride, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, a family of werewolves, and more – to celebrate his daughter Mavis’s 118th birthday.  For Drac, catering to all of these legendary monsters is no problem – but his world could come crashing down when one ordinary guy stumbles on the hotel and takes a shine to Mavis.

Are you willing to give Sandler a shot with this one?

#3- “Whedon to Avenge once again.” We expected…nay…DEMANDED it, and the news has been announced. Joss Whedon will indeed return to Marvel to write and direct the upcoming sequel to the summer action packed blockbuster, The Avengers. The Avengers 2 is now in the right hands! Marvel extended their invitation to Whedon and included and invite for him to be involved in Marvel’s other movie projects between now and 2015 (so, expect him to have some input in the Guardians of the Galaxy prjoject).

And…in addition to all of that. Marvel has tapped into Whedon’s creativity to helm the development of a television series. (Whedon has had tremendous success in that arena already with Buffy, Angel, Firefly). While Marvel has been pretty tight-lipped, I suspect it to be a series that they hope will take the reigns from DC’s Smallville. I also suspect it to have an ensemble cast, possibly focus on superheroes working with S.H.I.E.L.D., and just be super amazing. Of course, all of that is speculation at this point. We’ll find out more as time progresses.

The best news for now…Whedon+Avengers 2+Marvel Studios=Happy Happy Fans!

Is this good news to you? (It had better be! haha)

#4- “Stallone and Schwarzenegger enTOMBed together.” For decades we waited to see Sly and Arnold in a movie together and we finally got it via Arnold’s cameo in 2010’s The Expendables and this upcoming weekend we will see them on screen together once again for the ensemble muscle-bound explosive sequel. BUT, the two actors are in another upcoming film entitled The Tomb. Here’s a quick video from Entertainment Tonight interviewing the two stars, followed by the first official still from the set.

The Tomb is set for a 2013 release date and is directed by Mikael Håfström (who directed The Rite, 1408, and Derailed). Taken directly from ComingSoon.Net, here is a bit of insight as to what to expect from this thriller:

The film follows Ray Breslin (Stallone), the world’s foremost authority on structural security. He’s analyzed nearly every high security prison. After being framed by persons unknown, all of Breslin’s ingenuity and expertise are about to be put to work in the most challenging test he’s ever faced: escaping from a high-tech prison facility that’s design is based on his own protocols.

Schwarzenegger plays Emil Rottmayer, a complex inmate with multiple shades of gray. He’s the guy who fights to keep the prisoners from losing their humanity in their darkest hour as they struggle together to stay alive.

Lionsgate’s Summit Entertainment has not set a release date for the film yet.

What do you think? Ready to see even more from Sly and Schwarzenegger?

#5- “This Week’s Blu-ray release.” This week, look for the following films on Blu-ray to possibly add to your collection:

The Hunger Games– The best-selling first book of the enjoyed series continues its journey from book to big screen to blu-ray! Watch as Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) fights against all odds in a fight for her life, her family, her friends, and herself. With such a great supporting cast, including the likes of Stanley Tucci, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, and more, be sure to pick up your copy of The Hunger Games later this week. In the meantime, check out my review HERE.

Several other films also release this week. Check it out!

Also releasing: Jaws, The Raid: Redemption, and the sixth season of Dexter.

Well, that’s it for this round of “Movie News Monday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 


  1. I’m excited for the Tomb. I hope Stallone and Schwarzenegger have a great movie left in them.

    Also glad that Whedon is doing Avengers 2.

    Meanwhile though, if I wasn’t blogging, there’s no way I hit Hotel Transylvania. Early prediction is that it’ll be awful.


  2. You know… I initially thought Hotel Transylvania might be OK, for a kid flick. And who knows, maybe it still is. But the more I see, the less appealing it gets for me. Andy Samberg, David Spade… it’s looking like Sandler’s just crony-ing it up again, and that doesn’t bode well.

    The Tomb might be good. Like Fogs, I hope that Sly and Arnie have a good film together.


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