Take 2 With Terrence!: Episode 3


As some of you may know, I have the privilege of working with PRC Productions (a local professional film production company) and we have started a 30 minute weekly television show entitled “Take 2 With Terrence.” It is one of my favorite things of the week to look forward to.

In each episode, I review a few films, inform on some news, show a few trailers, have some fun, and ask a question of the week. It is a lot of fun and a continual work in progress! (It’s also the reason for some of the delays in responding to some comments here on the site, along with visiting other great movie bloggers websites as well. It keeps me busy with the amount of work and writing.)

Today I wanted to share with you our 3rd episode which aired on television earlier today. Feel free to enjoy. If you wish, leave a comment of something you like, something you’d like to say, or something that you think should be changed. This episode shares my reviews of the film Argo and Sinister, along with a look at 5 scary movie recommendations you may want to check out. (I’m also giving away 2 free movie tickets to the local movie theater! 🙂 Answer for your chance to win!!!

Again, this is just our 3rd episode. As we work through more kinks and experiment to see what else works well, I look forward to it getting even better week by week. It’s fun and I am glad and proud to share it with you all. You can visit and watch Episode #1 and Episode #2 if you wish.

Thank you for taking the time to watch! I appreciate the support. Stay tuned for more “Take 2 With Terrence!” Have a great day!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. Hi, Terrence and company:

    Michael Douglas as President Reagan in one of the most under played, yet important political Tete a Tetes of the 20th century?!!!

    ‘Sinister’ sounds intriguing. Due mostly to the veteran supporting cast.
    ’28 Days Later’ Always seemed to remind me more of ‘The Day of the Triffids’, with Howard Keel, from 1962; but that’s just me.

    Nice looking trailer for ‘Hitchcock’. Still think Helen Mirren outshines Anthony Hopkins. It’s also kind of cool watching Hitch sweat out the financial difficulties of getting his project to the big screen. Something most independents do every day of the week.

    Who is the BEST James Bond?: Sean Connery.
    Who is the MOST POPULAR Bond?: Daniel Craig.

    Good looking film clip. Decently written and well delivered. Go for a darker tie in the future for better contrast. Your selection of yellow seemed to bleed into your shirt.


    • Thank you sir. I agree with you on the tie. Yes, I realized that too late and will not be making that mistake in the future. haha.

      Thank you for watching and for the kind feedback! I agree with you on Mirren vs. Hopkins in Hitchcock, absolutely.


  2. Very cool T! Lookin’ good my friend, I also like the intro sequence and the music. I agree with Jack about the tie but I also think you could even go more casual too, without the tie 🙂 Your puns about Marvel, etc. cracks me up, he..he.. you’re so talented, best of luck with Take 2 With Terrence, and keep on posting ’em! 😀


    • 😀 Thanks Ruth. as I said before, it is a LOT of work and keeps me very very busy. This, plus the weekly newspaper column, plus the website, all in addition to work and, well, life. haha. I am super busy. BUT, it is so much fun at the same time. I appreciate the kind comments. Thank you Ruth.


      • I know what you mean about busy. It’s been fun covering for TCFF but it’s also a lot of work reviewing so many movies in a week. I hope you check out some of the reviews and maybe there’s one of those you’d like to check out 😉


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