Take 2 With Terrence!: Episode 5 –BOND EDITION


As some of you may know, I have the privilege of working with PRC Productions (a local professional film production company) and we have started a 30-minute weekly television show entitled “Take 2 With Terrence.” It is one of my favorite things of the week to look forward to.

In each episode, I review a few films, inform on some news, show a few trailers, have some fun, and ask a question of the week. It is a lot of fun and a continual work in progress! (It’s also the reason for some of the delays in responding to some comments here on the site, along with visiting other great movie bloggers websites as well. It keeps me busy with the amount of work and writing.)

Today I wanted to share with you our 5th episode which airs on television later today (1:30pm local time on Comcast Ch#98).

Both Dan at Fogs’MovieReviews and Ruth at Flixchatter are hosting several different posts that focus on James Bond films. Excitedly awaiting Skyfall‘s release on November 9th, James Bond fever is in the air. See Fogs’ most recent Bond Blogathon Event and Flixchatter’s Top 7 Bond villains.

In like manner, I am also anxiously awaiting November 9th. To go along with Fogs’ and Flixy, below is the link for “Take 2 With Terrence” Ep 5: The 007 Edition!

This week’s edition was a lot of work…but also a lot of fun!

1. From hauling a big display from the local theater (Special thanks to my friend, Matt! That thing was over 6ft high and 10ft wide and it was QUITE the adventure driving that thing down to the studio and squeezing it through the door!)

2. to the search for “Bond Girls” (Special thanks to Consuelo F., host of Viva Las Cruces),

3. to hours of writing and searching for fun clips,

4. to several hours of filming, camera work and editing (Thanks to my great producing team at PRC Productions),

Things came together and this fun episode of “Take 2 With Terrence” is done!

>>>>Click HERE to watch!<<<<

Feel free to enjoy. See if you can catch all of the Bond phrases I threw in! Some are pretty subtle! Have some fun and feel free to answer the Question of the Week in the comment section (Local residents who answer will  be entered into a drawing for 2 free premium movie passes). If you wish you can also leave a comment of something you like, something you’d like to say, or something that you think should be changed.

This episode also shares my review of Cloud Atlas and a few other bits of news, but the rest of it is all about Bond, including my Top 7 Bond-isms (you’ll see). As always, thanks for the support and continue to watch. This is only the 5th episode, can’t wait to continue to bring you more! As we work through more kinks and experiment to see what else works well, I look forward to it getting even better week by week.

It’s fun, a LOT of work, and I am glad and proud to share it with you all.


You can also watch:

Thank you for taking the time to watch! I appreciate the support. Stay tuned for more “Take 2 With Terrence!” Have a great day!

T, The Focused Filmographer

For another fun Bond-Based post, don’t miss your chance to add to the fun picture captions on CinematiCaptions#10: Bond Edition.


  1. Awesome T! Thanks so much for the link love on this post, what an honor! LOVE your Bond-special episode. You sure make a dashing Bond man, Idris who? 😉 That Bond girl is quite striking as well, you two make a lovely couple methinks, ehm. Lucky you that you likely see Skyfall first before me, I can’t friggin’ wait!!


  2. T$, WOW.. so I believe the next James Bond 007 should be played by… Paul Wesley or Jeremy Renner or even Chris Hemsworth. They all have a certain something that can be sexy and mysterious and deadly. : )
    Great show!


    • It’s all good man! Thank you very much. I was telling Ruth that I was super excited to post it and for you to see it with your Blogathon going on. We filmed ep 6 today and they continue to get better!

      The Bond Girl, Consuelo, was so fun to have on set. I loved how many times she fired that gun. haha


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