IMPORTANT Reminder: Election Day Approaches!

The POLL is NOW LIVE! Click >>>HERE<<< to place your votes!

No, this is not about the U.S. Presidential election which will result in a candidate being chosen to take a seat in the Oval Office for the next four years. While that is very important (GO VOTE, PEOPLE!), this Tuesday offers an additional/alternate election with much more fun results than the “lesser of two evils” (which is what I’ve heard this election being referred to…and every election prior actually now that I think about it).

The fight for the White House continues!

Back in 2010, I decided that perhaps we should consider the possibility of electing superheroes to office. I mean, the Terminator was an elected governor afterall, so…why not?

So, every year on Election Tuesday (the Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November), the Time To Vote Tuesday post is dedicated to the cause of making Election Day fun! Voting for the candidates from the political parties of MARVEL and DC, we choose who will take over the Oval Office!

The time for the most popular annual “Time To Vote Tuesday” is now upon us! Time to Vote Tuesday #124 will bring the 3rd Annual Presidential Poll to you. Voting your favorite superheroes into office will require your participation in voting, sharing, and campaigning. So get ready!

Here’s how the voting works:

  1. Everyone can vote! Even non-U.S. citizens! 😀
  2. There are 10 nominees to vote for (to be announced on Tuesday).
  3. The political parties are Marvel and D.C. (you don’t have to vote for two in the same party).
  4. You must vote for two!
  5. Leave a comment about who you prefer to be President and WHY! —campaign, debate, encourage!
  6. Poll remains open for ONE WEEK (closes on the following Tuesday morning). -Most votes wins Prez, 2nd most votes wins Vice-Prez, 3rd wins Speaker of the House…and so on and so forth. (In the event of a tie, the Electoral College will resolve…i.e. Yours Truly)
  7. You are permitted/expected to leave Superhero Political Propaganda in the comments section! –highly encouraged!
  8. Share this poll with your friends. Your favorite candidates will need votes to win!

The results will not be available to see until the following Tuesday when I announce them. However, I will give several updates throughout the week via Twitter (@FilmsWith_T) and Facebook (

  • The very first Presidential Poll (TVT#21 on Nov 2, 2010) ended with 112 total votes and resulted in Superman as President and Batman as Vice-President.

    • Speaker of the House- Iron Man; President pro tem- Professor X; Secr. of State- Captain America; Secr. of Treasury- Wonder Woman; Secr. of Defense- The Hulk; Attorney General- Green Lantern
To see actual results, click picture
  • The second Presidential Poll (TVT#73 on Nov 8, 2011) ended with 181 total votes and resulted in a bi-partisan Executive branch with Captain America as President and Superman as Vice-President.

    • Speaker of the House- Batman; President pro tem- Iron Man; Secr. of State- Professor X; Secr. of Treasury- Nick Fury; Secr. of Defense- Cyclops; Attorney General- Wonder Woman; Secr. of Interior- Green Lantern
To see actual results, click picture

The results of the 3RD ANNUAL PRESIDENTIAL POLL will be completely up to you! I expect and encourage large amount of campaigning from voters as the official nominees will be announced once polls open on Tuesday, November 6 for TVT#124. So, get ready to vote, because the country depends on it!

Who will YOU choose? Prepare. Presidential Polls open on Tuesday.

Thanks for reading! Happy Voting! See you Tuesday. I am very excited!

T, The Focused Filmographer


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