It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 124 (3rd Annual Presidential Poll)

Today is Tuesday! and if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know that, for most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!! YES!!!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”?:

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

Last week’s poll, entitled “Big Screen of 2015” has closed. You are invited to visit HERE and see the final results. Normally I would elaborate, but today is a very special edition of “Time to Vote Tuesday” and I want to get right to it. Thank you to everyone that voted last week.

On to this week’s!

Today is “Election Tuesday” and, as I have announced over the past 4 weeks, it is also time for the 3rd annual Powerful Presidential Poll!

Back in 2010 I decided that since politics offer little in terms of choice nowadays that I’d switch it up a little bit. What if our choice for President was between two more interesting political parties? Namely, Marvel and DC? Hit the jump to continue reading and place your important presidential vote!

The 1st annual presidential poll received the largest response up to that time and resulted in Superman as President and Batman as Vice-President. In 2011, the poll’s popularity increased and races were even tighter (Superman lost by 1 as the “Star-Spangled Man with a Plan” Captain America was sworn into office). Well, the winners of last year’s election have finished out their term of office! Some of them have opted to seek re-election, some bowed out of politics altogether, and some new candidates have arisen…and they want your votes. (To get an idea of how things went last year, click the photo below)

2011’s Presidential nominees

While the selection may have changed this year, the rules remain the same.

So…Here are the rules:

  1. There are 10 nominees below for you to vote for.
  2. The political parties are Marvel and D.C. (you don’t have to vote for two in the same party).
  3. You must vote for 2 (TWO)!
  4. Leave a comment about who you prefer to be President and WHY!
  5. Poll closes next Tuesday morning. -Most votes wins Prez, 2nd most votes wins Vice-Prez, 3rd wins Speaker of the House…and so on and so forth.
  6. You are permitted to leave Superhero Political Propaganda in the comments section! highly encouraged!
  7. Share this poll with your friends, Like to get as many votes as we can for this one! Thanks!

EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Hit the vote button! Even if you live outside of the U.S., you can place a vote for The President! 😉

Below you will find all ten candidates and a very brief bio/description of each. The unbiased info is there to help make an informed decision when you cast your ballot. I encourage you to read first and then vote wisely. This poll only comes once a year! Be sure to vote!!!


1. Spider-Man (M)

  • Current office held: Governor of NY
  • The Good: Great believer in supporting education programs. Supports local law enforcement. Loves to hang out with the people.
  • The Bad: May be a clone. Has been accused of keeping friends close and enemies closer (i.e. Harry Osborne, Eddie Brock, Otto Octavius). Girlfriends often go missing or worse.
  • Slogan: “The Reasonable & Responsible Choice.”
  • Synopsis: A newcomer to national politics, this candidate’s fresh take on issues may be exactly what our nation needs. Has quite the web of connections.

2. Wonder Woman (D)

  • Current office held: Attorney General
  • The Good: Understands politicians and can keep them honest.
  • The Bad: Not very diplomatic. Unsettling connection to Zeus. Knows Hades.
  • Slogan: “The best vote in the booth is a vote for the stars, stripes, and the truth!”
  • Synopsis: With close ties to Superman, her election may seem to some as nothing less than round 2 of Superman’s highly polarizing term in office. But, she usually accomplishes what she sets out to do.

3. Mr. Fantastic (M)

  • Current office held: Head of the Future Foundation
  • The Good: Advocate for programs geared towards the future of the American people and advancement.
  • The Bad: Been known to not take a solid stand on certain issues and to stretch the truth.
  • Slogan: “Reaching out to those invisible between a rock and hot place!”
  • Synopsis: Believes in people and in teamwork. Has worked numerous partnerships and successfully averted several “doom”-ing terrorist plots.

4. Aquaman (D)

  • Current office held: Ambassador Overseas
  • The Good: Great influence “over seas” (foreign policy). Believes in funding water-powered energy plants to help economy.
  • The Bad: Slippery in terms of committing to any other projects not involving aquatics.
  • Slogan: “Hello Fish”
  • Synopsis: May cause division in the country but can unite country with those across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

5. Iron Man (M)

  • Current office held: President pro tempore of the United States Senate
  • The Good: Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.
  • The Bad: Volatile, Self-obsessed, and Doesn’t play well with others. Basically just a big man in a suit of armor.
  • Slogan: The “I” in “Team”
  • Synopsis: A level of confidence that sees more accomplishments than failures. Perhaps a bit overambitious, but perhaps exactly what may be necessary.

6. Superman (D)

  • Current office held: Vice-President of the United States (elected President back in 2010)
  • The Good: Near impenetrable. Able to enforce policy. Served the people as President once already.
  • The Bad: An illegal alien. Can be arrogant to a fault. Weakened by kryptonite and women [i.e. the Attorney General (see HERE and HERE), Lois Lane, Lana, etc.] More brawn than brain at times. Known to fly off the handle.
  • Slogan: “For a Super Tomorrow, Choose Today!”
  • Synopsis: Questionable 1st presidential run left voters curious about a rumored impending alien invasion takeover. No big strides in world/universal peace. Uncertain priorities noted as he was oddly missing/unavailable to assist while Batman and the people of Gotham were under terrorist attack in the summer of 2012. His excuse- “I was filming a movie.”

7. Charles Xavier (M)

  • Current office held: Secretary of State
  • The Good: Highly influential in local, national, and foreign politics. Supports diversity, tolerance and funded an anti-bullying afterschool program in numerous states.
  • The Bad: Rumored to have psychic abilities. Has been heard saying that the X-Men movies are better than Star Wars movies.
  • Slogan: “The President you didn’t know you wanted.”
  • Synopsis: Powerful, yet still unable to accomplish peace between warring factions. Perhaps his vision for a unified world is a bit premature.

8. Green Lantern (D)

  • Current office held: Secretary of the Interior
  • The Good: Strong supporter for recycling and keeping things green. Great imagination that brings programs into reality.
  • The Bad: Questionable religious or cult-ish affiliation of unknown/alien origin.
  • Slogan: “Being Green: I make it look easy!”
  • Synopsis: Who controls whom? Does his ring/religion control him or is it the other way around? Not very forthcoming, but may also be a good thing…keeps enemies from knowing how to attack!

9. Captain America (M)

  • Current office held: President.
  • The Good: A born leader and supports the stars and stripes!
  • The Bad: May be better in Secret Service as he is quick to fall on the grenade for his fellow man.
  • Slogan: “There can only be one President, and I’m pretty sure he dresses like Cap!”
  • Synopsis: Captain America still has much to prove as he is a man out of his own time. Foiled the Red Skull in WWII, but what has he done since then besides sleep and eat schwarma?

10. Batman (D)

  • Current office held: Speaker of the House
  • The Good: Resourceful. Great aggressive negotiation skills. Can growl. Sponsored by Ricola cough drops! Refuses to send jobs to China.
  • The Bad: Often found at local asylum. Never smiles. Interesting affiliation with a certain Selina Kyle.
  • Slogan: “Because I’m Batman!”
  • Synopsis: A psychological loose cannon. Publicly denounced producing weapons of mass destruction but secretly produced and hid a nuclear bomb in his very own city. Can he be trusted? But then again, a man in the office of the Presidency must be able to keep secrets.

Today, I ask you…(Remember, Choose TWO before you press “VOTE”)

POLL is CLOSED: Visit HERE for official results!

Let the debates and propaganda begin! 😀 Will Superman become President once again in Grover Cleveland style? Will Aquaman rule from sea to shining sea? Will Iron Man forge a new path of political justice? The political rallies have started.

Now it all depends on you!

LEAVE A COMMENT supporting your favorite candidates! And be sure to press the “Like” button and the press the “Share” buttons below to share this poll via your Facebook, Twitter, Website, text msgs, etc! We need as many votes as possible here, the country’s future depends on it.

The poll will remain open until it closes on 11-13-11. The exciting results will post on next week’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching! Now HIT THOSE POLLS!!!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. Wonder Woman for president, it’s about time honesty hit the Whitehouse! With Aquaman as her Vice President, they would work on world peace and honesty and with the rest of the Super humans to help them keep on track, there is nothing they could not accomplish. I also believe that Wonder Women has had no previous “negative” dealings with an ALTER EGO or cloned evil self. Be nice to have a woman president. Oh.. and on a side bar, With Aqua man in charge of the ocean tides, he could keep Diana’s “Cycles” under wraps. : ) LOL


  2. Batman for President and Prof. X for Vice! I believe in Bruce Wayne! With a couple of geniuses in the Whitehouse and a proven business man who was has saved Gotham from econimic ruin and atomic weaponry, Batman knows how to both keep a budget and still fund (and be) useful defense. With Prof. X being effectively omnicient, the team would be able to effectively and efficiently negotiate and compromise with both sides of the aisle as well as with forgein entities.


  3. Batman for prez because he’s batman.

    Aqua man for vice Prez. He rules an underwater utopia, surely he can bring some of that above the water while still being democratic about it.


  4. Hey, Supes is not an illegal alien, I think he’s legally adopted by the Kent family, no? Well I voted for Prof. X as Prez and Cap. America as VP. I don’t know, those two are the first thing that came to mind as both seem to have a good head above their shoulders. I think Capt. is pretty wise bloke and has less ehm, issues than Bruce Wayne and not as pompous as Iron Man 🙂


    • I like the fact that you defend Superman! Great to see someone stand up for him…and then not vote for him. 😀 I jest, of course, and I agree, Cap does seem to have less issues than Brucey. ha. We will see. It’s not up to me! Thanks for voting and joining in on the fun. Please keep sharing it!


  5. Iron Man is definitely the coolest, but he would make a lousy president. He’d probably end up giving the job to Pepper by the end of the first month of his presidency. Captain America for president with Professor X as the VP. Captain America kind of reminds me of George Washington, a military leader with the ability to unite the country. Professor Xavier would be a good right hand man with his unique ability to provide counsel.


  6. I went with Xavier and Iron Man, mainly because I think Professor X already has shown his leader capabilities. Iron Man because the guy is working on cleaner energy making the world a better place.


  7. I picked Wonder Woman for President because we need her swift justice and honesty. I picked Iron Man as Vice President because like Angela said, Pepper will really be the Vice President after a month.


  8. Batman & Iron Man. Lets have bipartisanship in the White House!!!!! Ideologically they are similar and would be able to cross the aisle and get the other side to agree. And they both end in Man!


  9. What`s everyone thinking? Batman would be terrible. It would be a totalitarian state. Hell, DC comics even said as much in their Kingdom Come graphic novel.
    Spidey always seems to want to do the right thing. He’d probably be a good choice. Mr. Fantastic is too smart for his own good, Superman wasn’t born in the U.S. , Iron Man is too full of himself. But hands down, Batman would be the worst choice.


    • Preach on Ian! I agree! Yes! A vote for Spider-Man is a vote for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. What’s better than a kid who came from nothing and gained great power and used it with great responsibility. (and got the girl at the same time). That’s the American dream.

      Vote for Spiderman. Not Batman. Do it! 🙂


    • Be sure to check out the results! thanks for voting. Results have posted HERE. I actually tended to agree with you quite a bit Ian, but unfortunately, those who didn’t want to see the results that ended this way didn’t campaign hard enough to see change.


  10. Do we really want someone who can bend minds to his will? No. Do we want someone who isn’t even old enough to grow facial hair (spidey)? No. Do we want an illegal alien, a immortal, sea food? No. We want people who have become who they are by profiting from the American dream!!! Iron Man and Batman both are business men who are living the American dream. Getting that money and protecting people at the same time. It’s time for a “MAN” administration.


  11. It’s obvious that, unlike ScarletSpider, the filmographer has a bias against putting Superman in office. That’s fine, everyone is entitled to their opinion as that is part of the freedoms that make America great. Despite what FF says, however, I am not an illegal alien. Alien, yes but not illegal. I’ve also been given official citizenship in the US of A. Besides, I would actually be considered more of a refugee since my entire planet exploded.

    I’m not sure what my relationship with Diana has to do with anything especially since we both want to see this country grow stronger and succeed. Besides, she can toss a car like it’s candy, is trained in many forms of combat, is a great strategist, makes Helen of Troy look like a troll, and has the body of… well, an Amazon princess! What guy wouldn’t die to be with her if even for just a moment?

    As far as FFs synopsis goes, I helped stop an invasion from Apokolips and Darkseid recently… I’d say that is going to help a lot in progress for world/universal peace. Batman is well aware of the trio of problems I had to deal with while he was dealing with the crisis in Gotham. He was not abandoned at all but wanted to deal with the problem himself, his way. That’s how he is but when it came down to it, I was still there to help him out. How else do you think he got from halfway around the world and back to Gotham in less than 8 hours with no money or technology at his disposal? He’d tell you that he escaped an exploding nuclear bomb at the last minute because “I’m Batman!” but he won’t tell you about the Super help he had in doing it. And that’s fine, that’s what makes him Batman.

    It’s been an honor serving this country as VP to Captain America this past year and learned a lot from him. He is a very noble man that will stand strong for his country even when facing the worst it has to offer. However, Batman and I had a strong run in office after the first election here. We still have much work to do. This country has great people and an incredible capacity for good… for this reason, above all, I would love to be your president. We can be a light unto the world, leading the way! For a super tomorrow, choose today!


  12. As much as you might have been granted US citizenship you weren’t born here. Yes your planet was destroyed but it was destroyed by your own people. Hmmm…I see a pattern here. You come to our planet. Drag your cronies…General Zod…who by the way has powers like you do…Darkseid again your garbage. You bring these to the Earth then defeat them and expect that we should be thankful of that. C’mon!!! Really?!?

    Yes a great work has been done by you on this planet and this nation but how many of those disasters would’ve never happened had you not come here?

    You may have saved Batman but he would’ve figured it out eventually. He always does. He doesn’t have any super power except for sheer human inginuity and drive. All great aspects of a president. Ironman also has the same drive.

    Made in the USA. Batman/Iron Man…a Man Administration.


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