2nd-View Reviews: “Life of Pi” & “Rise of the Guardians”

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As explained in a previous post, I have been very occupied lately at work being in retail and it being the holiday shopping season and all. It’s quite the adventure and I get home rather exhausted. Apologies for any recent delays. Comments on my posts will soon be responded to and blogger’s pages that I haven’t visited in a while will be the object of my attention shortly. I thank you for your patience and forbearance. (Anybody got a good price for a cloning procedure?) 😉

Last week I watched Life of Pi and Dreamworks’ Rise of the Guardians. I wrote part of my reviews but then time got away from me. When I finally had the opportunity to finish my reviews, I felt it had been too long…so, I went again. Below are my two short “2nd-View Reviews” of the two movies! Enjoy.

Life of Pi

Directed by: Ang Lee

Starring: Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan and Adil Hussain

Must Watch Trailer:

Full of reflection, gorgeous breathtaking storytelling and camerawork, a touching and telling story of discovery, faith, “Life of Pi” was one of my more anticipated movies of the fourth quarter of 2012. A unbelievable tale of adventure, discovery and survival that draws out some of the same feelings of anxiety, fear and triumph as films such as “Castaway,” “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Robinson Crusoe.”

A writer comes across the story of a man whose tale of survival is a story that is full of endurance, faith, self-preservation and unimaginable experiences. Upon meeting him, the story is narrated and the events that take place are fully captivating as we follow a young man whose life is changed beyond belief in the matter of a few short minutes. After he and his family board a ship along with numerous animals that were a part of their zoo, a threatening storm takes the ship and almost all of its passengers with it to the bottom of the sea. Left alone with a few less than orthodox travelling companions, Pi is left stranded and shipwrecked, trying to survive the elements, hunger, delirium and a tiger.

The majority of the screentime is used to focus on the young shipwrecked man named Pi who finds ways to stay busy on his multiple-day stretch on the seas. From the very beginning it is filled with beautiful scenery and visuals which share an underlying theme of finding the beauty in all situations. Of course, that, along with so many other interpretations in this movie are left completely up to the viewer.

Thoughts on God, survival, religion, salvation (of both the physical and spiritual sense), relationships, humanity, beauty, nature and more permeate throughout this beautiful story that has an ending that is just as gorgeous as the entire tale. The cast, namely Suraj and Irrfan giving moving performances that brought me near to tears at times. Such a gorgeously told story that translates very well from book to screen.

With an ending that is left up to the interpretation of the viewer mainly, “Life of Pi” is a beautiful, challenging and captivating adventure that begs several questions in an entertaining and thought-provoking manner. Very few people could go through the things that Pi experienced and survive, let alone have the same type of outlook on life as he did. “Life of Pi” is a coming of age transformation story that is both beautiful and believable and challenges the heart, mind and soul through sharing the journey of one young determined man. Be determined yourself to go see “Life of Pi.”

Life of Pi (4.5/5)


Rise of the Guardiansrise_of_the_guardians_ver9

Directed by: Peter Ramsey

Starring: Vocal Talents of Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pine, Isla Fisher and more.


From the studios that brought you Shrek, Puss in Boots and How To Train your Dragon comes another fantastic animated adventure for the family to enjoy. Featuring the legends of childhood lore, Rise of the Guardians showcases the teamwork of Santa Claus, Sandman, the Easter Bunny, Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy against the Boogeyman who threatens the wellbeing of the children of the world. And, even though Santa Claus is in this movie with tons of comic-relief elves, this is not just a family holiday movie. It is one that can be enjoyed year round.


I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one after being disappointed by Puss in Boots last year and by almost all of the animated movies so far this year (with the exception of Wreck-It Ralph), but Rise of the Guardians is quite enjoyable. Spending most of its time telling Jack Frost’s story, this animated adventure is action packed and full of fun. Though a bit of a stretch at times, it is a nice tale that is not too “kiddie” for the adults, but also not too “adult” for the kiddos.

The take on the appearance, powers and personalities of the characters really is what makes this rendition a joy. The liberties taken work impressively as we watch the legends team up against the Boogeyman. With themes of belief (in ones’ self, along with the legends), Rise of the Guardians is a feel-good movie with an old message told in a new way with great laughs and fun.

Though a far cry from How to Train Your Dragon, Dreamworks did produce a good one here and it’s worth a watch!

Rise of the Guardians (Score: 3/5)

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. Glad you liked “Rise” at least… still waiting to find someone as enthused about it as I was 😦 Maybe that’s not possible.

    Glad you liked “Pi” though, that’s a great movie, and is definitely going to be in the mix come awards season. 😀


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