Checking Out the “Happy-Haps!” (12/19)

What are the “Happy-Haps?!”

…as in the happy happenings that are going on in the movie blogosphere! This is the day of link-love for several movie bloggers and sites that have written articles/reviews that I have not been able to bring to your immediate attention! Today is your day to catch up on many other stories and goings on that just might make you smile…hence the name “The Happy-Haps!” 

(keep in mind that every word highlighted below in gold is a clickable link!)

Happy-Hap #1– Aidy at AidyReviews shares a look (pictures and trailer) at Jet Li’s newest upcoming movie entitled The Sorcerer and the White Snake. “The film is based on an ancient Chinese legend, a romance tale rather, of Madame White Snake, or the Legend of the White Snake a beautiful woman who is also a thousand-year old white snake, who wanted to experience the power of love. She meets her true love Xu Xian (Raymond Lam), a herbalist, who also falls in love with her.  As with all things that come with love, there are complications.” Be sure to check out the spotlight article.

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#1!sorcerer

Happy-Hap #2– Bubbawheat from Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights shares his Top 10 Superhero movies. I like his list because it has some you’d expect to be listed, along with a few that may truly surprise you. Spiderman, Batman, Superman and more were up for consideration. Check out his list of Top 10 and see if you agree. Comment and share your own faves! This is one super Happy-Hap.

-See the Superhero movie list here: Happy-Hap#2flights-tights-and-movie-nights-banner

Happy-Hap #3– Speaking of Superheroes, Max over at Impassioned Cinema takes a comparison look at Batman and Iron Man. In this fun post entitled “When Movies Attack: Batman Begins vs. Iron Man,” Max takes the two similar superhero films and defines the differences between them. Which one do you like more? Be sure to visit and see just how close to (or far from) each other these two movies are.

-Read about the Billionaire Beacons of Justice here: Happy-Hap#3VS

Happy-Hap #4– Morgan over at Morgan on Media has put together a fine list of Christmas songs that are…his LEAST favorite! This 12-song list of yuletide musical madness is a fun read as he shares his distaste for some songs that you may have never considered as your least favorites before. I rather enjoy a good rant and the points made in this one are pretty solid. Check out Morgan’s fun list of unlikable Christmas songs during this wonderful season.

-Read all about the 12 Tunes of Christmas here: Happy-Hap#4topxchristmas

Happy-Hap #5– Mark over at Fast Film Reviews gives us his review of the film Hitchcock which stars Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Biel and more. Centered around the famous filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock, the movie shares his passion and adventure in bringing one of his most well-known films to fruition: Psycho. I have not been able to catch this one yet and am glad Mark had his review up.

-Read about Hitchcock here: Happy-Hap#5hitchcock

Happy-Hap#6– Mark from Marked Movies (a different “Mark” than Happy-Hap#5) has a great weekly segment on his page entitled “Tuesday’s Trivia Tidbits.” Each article listing several interesting and not-so-well-known movie facts that often leave me with that “aha” expression on my face. This week’s edition (the 17th installment btw) includes trivia about The Hunger Games, Edward Scissorhands, Dirty Harry, Shaft and more. Always a fun article segment to read and learn from.

-Be sure to try out the Tidbits here: Happy-Hap#6dirtyharry

Happy-Hap#7– Brian over at TheSoapBoxOffice.Com has been able to review one of the films this year that has still eluded the theaters in my area: Silver Linings Playbook. While I am still anxiously awaiting the opportunity to watch this film that is being hailed by some as the best of the year, he’s got me covered. Thansk, Brian. Silver Linings Playbook stars Bradley Cooper, Jessica Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, Chris Tucker and more. It is in select theaters and, in case you were wondering about it, check out his review.

-Read about the Playbook here: Happy-Hap#7SilverLiningsPlaybk900

Happy-Hap #8– Castor (aka, Captain America) from Anomalous Material shares some of the latest clips and pics from the Christmas Day release: Les Misérables. I cannot wait to watch this famous musical and every little bit about it that I see keeps me even more excited to watch it. Some great pictures and clips that give a little tease as to what to expect from this beautiful upcoming time period musical. Don’t miss it.

-Get ready for Les Mis here: Happy-Hap#8russell-crowe-les-miserables2-610x327

Happy-Hap #9– My friend, Michael, over at le0pard13 shares AFI’s list of Top 10 songs in movies, and he also shares his own! 🙂 Do you have some favorite songs from the past 100 years or so of cinema? Check out his fantastic list that is a final installment of his entire “Versus AFI” feature. Some great choices on both lists IMO. Which songs in movies make your list of favorites?

-List your own favorite movie songs here: Happy-Hap#9100years_songs

Happy-Hap #10– Fogs’ over at shares his thoughts on the lesser well-known entitled Beasts of the Southern Wild. Having recently found its way on to dvd and blu-ray:

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” premiered last January at the Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Grand Jury Prize for dramatic films. At Cannes, it won the The Caméra d’Or (“Golden Camera”), which is awarded for the best first feature film (this is director Benh Zeitlin’s first feature-length film). It also won the similarly purposed Sutherland Award, awarded by the British Film Institute. Sight & Sound and AFI have both listed the film amongst their Bests of 2012.

-Read all about this amazing film here: Happy-Hap#10beasts_of_the_southern_wild

Well, those are the “Happy-Haps” of the day! Which “Hap” made you Happiest?! Leave a note, discuss and debate! Don’t just read and leave! Share the love!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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