Special Edition of “Take 2 With Terrence”: At The Hobbit Premiere!

Greetings all.

Not too long ago, I posted the 1st Season Finale for “Take 2 With Terrence” which is a 30-minute television show all about movies that I host here in my local city through PRC Productions. (check out that post HERE)prc2 (1)

Well, after that episode aired on tv, my producers surprised me by adding two more slots to the season and expanded it to 11 episodes! This season finale is a special episode! We dedicated it entirely to The Hobbit. 🙂thehobbit

I spent some time down at my local theater on the night of the premiere for The Hobbit speaking with the fans that attended the midnight premiere in order to find out what they thought about the movie.


You may have already read my review of The Hobbit (click HERE), now check out what the fans had to say in this fantastic finale to the 1st season of “Take 2 With Terrence.”


This episode was SO much fun to shoot and I cannot wait to bring you more episodes in the next year! “Take 2 With Terrence” airs every Saturday at 1:30pm on local Comcast channel 98. This episode will air on December 22nd and reruns will post between then and the beginning of Season 2. Additional past episodes can be seen by checking out the link for Take 2 at the PRC homepage (click the PRC logo above).

Thank you all for watching, following the progress of the show, supporting it with input, views, suggestions and guest appearances. ENJOY! 🙂

What did YOU think of The Hobbit? Do you agree with the fans? Let me know!

Thanks for watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: Review for Jack Reacher and then…New Posters of the Week.


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