2013 White Sands International Film Festival Coverage

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As the official blog for the 2013 White Sands International Film Festival, this page was created to provide quick links to each post dedicated solely to the events of the festival scheduled to take place from September 4, 2013 to September 8, 2013. (Visit the official WSIFF page at http://www.wsiff.com.)


Several pages ranging from film spotlights, reviews of film submissions, interviews and more will post before, during and after the festival. Visit here and visit often for continual updates and links for the exciting event! (Click each link in gold in order to read the post.)

White Sands International Film Festival Posts

General posts:

  1. The Official Announcement Post (May 8, 2013)
  2. The Countdown to the White Sands International Film Festival (August 4, 2013)
  3. Welcome to Festival Week (September 1, 2013)
  4. Trailer Spotlights (September 4, 2013)
  5. And the Winner Is…(September 8, 2013)
  6. Recap of White Sands International Film Festival 

Film Submission reviews:

[Disclaimer– reviews are solely and independently my own opinion and do not reflect the opinions of the WSIFF board, judges, participants and viewers (or anyone else for that matter).]

Reviews are scored on a 5-star system celebrating the following:

  • Original story/Presentation
  • Acting/Authentic Characters
  • Cinematography/Audio/Special Effects
  • Look & Feel/Storytelling
  • Entertainment/Unpredictability


Click any title below for its respective review once it becomes available:

  1. 7 Lives of Chance [Feature]
  2. A House, A Home [Narrative Short]
  3. A Perfect Day [Narrative Short]
  4. **Against the Grain [Feature]
  5. Bahя (Vanya) [Narrative Short]
  6. Best of Both Worlds [Narrative Short]
  7. Boxer, The [Student Short]
  8. Break [Narrative Short]
  9. Buck Wild [Feature]
  10. Come Morning [Feature]
  11. Cupid [Student Short]
  12. Down and Dangerous [Feature]
  13. **Dress, The [Student Short]
  14. Driving Blind [Documentary]
  15. Finnigan’s War [Documentary]
  16. From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe [Documentary]
  17. Just 45 Minutes from Broadway [Feature]
  18. K Effect: Stalin’s Editor, The [Feature]
  19. Mad Ship [Feature]
  20. Manly Advice [Student Short]
  21. No One Knows [Student Short]
  22. Ok, Good [Feature]
  23. **Passionflower [Feature]
  24. Reality Show [Feature]
  25. Retrieval, The [Feature]
  26. **Roswell FM [Feature-Opening Night Film]
  27. Sanitarium [Feature-starring Lou Diamond Phillips]
  28. Sparrow’s Dance [Feature]
  29. Strength and Beauty [Documentary]
  30. Submit the Documentary: The Virtual Reality of Cyberbullying [Documentary]
  31. Subterranean Love [Narrative Short]—Coming Soon.
  32. Sun Never Sets, The [Documentary]
  33. Tales from the Organ Trade [Documentary]
  34. Thursday’s Speaker [Feature]
  35. Upside Down [Student Short]
  36. Water, The [Narrative Short]
  37. Wonderland Express, The [Feature]
  38. …And More Coming Soon

**-indicates spotlight available with interviews/comments from the filmmaker. See below:

Submission Spotlights/Interviews:

  1. Spotlight (Roswell FM)–Interview with screenwriter David Spence. Click HERE.
  2. Spotlight (The Dress)–Interview with director Alvaro Congosto. Click HERE.
  3. Spotlight (Against the Grain)–Interview with director/writer Elias Mael and Actor Vaughn Wilkinson. Click HERE.
  4. Spotlight (Passionflower)–Interview with director Shelagh Carter. Click HERE.
  • Interview with Lifetime Achievement Award winner Lou Diamond Phillips. Click HERE.

Festival Festivities (photos/workshops/special guests/etc):

  1. The Scheduled WSIFF Workshops
  2. The 1st Annual 48-hr Film Frenzy


Thanks for reading! Happy watching.

Terrence Faulkner, a.k.a. “TheFocusedFilmographer”


  1. I think the movie short “Dollar Night” is one of the best short films that I have seen in twenty years. Clearly outstanding.


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