Anticipating the Top 12 Most-Disappointing Movies of 2013 -Part 1

Well, the “Year of Movies” (as 2012 was called towards the end of 2011) is over. 2013 is here and it appears to be full of even more sequels/prequels/reboots. From The Smurfs 2 to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty to Oldboy and more, 2013 promises to be “entertaining” at the very least.


While most people are posting their lists of movies they can’t wait to see in 2013, I am posting for you what movies to possibly avoid disappointment from in 2013.

To see what movies to possibly look forward to in the next few months, be sure to click and check out their articles:

(You can see all the 2013 releases for yourself HERE.)

Below are not necessarily the movies I am predicting to be the WORST of 2013. They are simply the films I predict to be the greatest disappointments of the first half of the year. In other words, the ones that you want to be good for some reason…but they will leave you either sad, mad, demanding a refund, or all of those choices combined. Hit the jump to check out my fun list of what will be the Top 12 Most-Disappointing Movies of 2013 (1/month with an added “avoid” recommendation for each)! 😀

**(Click any movie in this color to visit its IMDB page for more info.)


  • Gangster SquadI want this one to be good. But…it won’t be The Untouchables or Scarface flick that everyone wants it to be. Mark my words. Lower your expectations and you MAY just enjoy this one a bit more than most, but it will still disappoint…even with its big cast.
  • (Also: Recommend avoiding A Haunted House -Those of you expecting it to still be fun, don’t be fooled. Don’t spend your money for the cheap laughs you see in the trailer. You’ve seen it all before!)



  • A Good Day to Die Hard“Yippie kay yay,” Die Hard? Stay away. Nothing will bring back the grandeur of the original. Not even Bruce Willis teaming up with Jack Reacher tough guy Jai Courtney as his son in a fight against terrorists. Expect bullets, explosions, some MacGuyver/Jack Bauer stuff and cheesy one-liners, but the days of Die Hard have already died.
  • (Also: Recommend avoiding Safe Haven -How many Nicholas Sparks novels do you have to see to know they all end the same way? Stop giving him money for such horrible sappy movies.)



  • The CroodsExpecting DreamWorks Animation usual quality will lead to great disappointment with this one that looks more like a neanderthal-ish version of Pixar’s Brave than a Princess Fiona ancestor story. Under the direction of Kirk De Micco, whose only other directing credit is Space Chimps. You remember Space Chimps…no, no you don’t. Skip it.)
  • (Also: Recommend avoiding The Host -Author of The Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer wants more of your money as she battles 3 other hopeful “Twilight replacements” this year with Beautiful Creatures, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Only one probably worth watching…Catching Fire.)



  • Olympus Has FallenGerard Butler used to be a name that made people run to theaters. Esp. after 300. The first of two 2013 movies about The White House being taken over stars Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Dylan McDermott, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Angela Bassett and more. Directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day aaannnddd Brooklyn’s Finest) this one hasn’t even begun its marketing campaign and will disappoint. Thrilling, yet disappointing. Rent it.


  • (Also: Recommend avoiding Pain & Gain -Michael Bay directs Dwayne “The [Tooth Fairy] Rock” Johnson and Mark “The Fighter” Wahlberg in a trio of scheming bodybuilders in the middle of an extortion ring. In a ridiculous plot that mixes Hit & Run with The Bank Job, expect there to be multiple explosions where there shouldn’t be, along with slo-mo running. And running is what you should do from this movie.)



  • The Great GatsbyAs much as it pains me to say that Baz Luhrmann’s movie will disappoint (being such a big fan of Moulin Rouge), I’m here to tell you that it will. Plus, not really digging the whole Jay-Z composing the soundtrack for a film based in the 1920’s. This remake, based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald book of the same name, has a great cast, but ultimately will be compared to several previous versions and thus disappoint. Tons of hype…not saying it will be bad, just saying it will disappoint more than you want it to. Watch..pushed to May from Christmas 2012…just watch. It won’t come close to making back its $127 million budget.
  • (Also: Recommend avoiding The Hangover Part III – Everyone will go hoping for more laughs and the expectations is a different direction than the first two…but the first two raked in the dollars so they are not going to stray too far from the money-making formula that is repetitive and seeks to outdo each one before it. Expect little originality, tons of grossly overexaggerated humor and events. Watch it with a group, but don’t expect much.)



  • World War ZDid you see the first trailer for Brad Pitt’s upcoming zombie apocalyptic movie? (It’s posted below). Something about this anticipated film just screams “BOX OFFICE BUST!” to me. The CGI, the premise…I didn’t read the book, but very little about the trailer makes me want to see it. I keep expecting Will Smith to show up with his German Shepherd or with Shia LaBeouf on the back of his motorcycle with guns to…oh, wait, wrong two movies. This will disappoint the fans. I assure you. The Walking Dead and 28 Days Later it isn’t.
  • (Also: Recommend avoiding White House Down -(Remember Olympus Has Fallen?) 🙂 Ah yes, it’s like the Snow White movies of 2012. This one is sure to bring tons more destruction, perhaps the White House will get blown up as director Ronald Emmerich loves to either blow up the White House or see bad things happen to its residents in his previous movies: The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, Independence Day, 2012 and more. Now that you know what he’s done, you know what to expect only it won’t be as epic. Starring Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, Maggie Gyllenhaal and more expect this one to let you down, however, it will be the “Snow White and the Huntsman” to the “Mirror Mirror” of Olympus Has Fallen as it tries to compete against the mid-summer blockbusters like Man of Steel, After Earth and Monsters University.)


—–End of Part 1—–

There you have it. My first 6 of the 12 most anticipated disappointments of the first half of 2013. I may end up eating my words, but then again, so may you! 😛 Don’t worry, I’ll be right there to console you with the words “I told you so on January 4, 2013!” (or in my review of “said” movie).

Do you agree with the films I expect to be the largest disappointments of the first 6 months of 2013. AGAIN, just because it’s on this list, doesn’t equate to the movie being “bad,” just that it won’t live up to the expectations placed upon it by the media, actors, critics and movielovers. Only time will tell. (Part 2 [July – Dec] will post sometime between now and June!)

Tell me, what film do you expect to disappoint you the most between January and June? Leave a comment.

Thanks for reading. Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. The simple fact that “Pain & Gain” was actually greenlit, made, and actually being released is the specific reason we can’t have nice things in America.


  2. Good list of what you recommend we avoid. Poor Gerry Butler cannot catch a break. Someone needs to have words with him (and his agent).

    Gangster Squad appears to have been “dumped” in January. Usually not a good sign for a film’s box office and/or critical expectations.


    • Thanks Lindsey. This was fun to put together. I thought it’d be fun to turn the tables a little bit with this. Thanks for reading! I hope for The Great Gatsby but am afraid the hype will lead to a bigger disappointment myself. (I’m still gonna go see it though haha)


  3. Interesting take on an ‘anticipated’ list T and I agree with everything (though I’m still holding out hope for Great Gatsby). Gangster Squad is meh for me as it stars a trifecta of actors I don’t care for! The fact that it was delayed and now put in the ‘dumpy’ months speaks volumes. I’ll be going to an advanced screening next week, we’ll see how disappointing it is, ahah.

    Well, as I don’t care for GB anymore, I agree that his White House movie might not be good. Though I want it to do well for Fuqua’s sake and that cast is pretty darn good, esp. Angela Bassett! Oy, I thought the OHF poster was bad, the other white house movie’s version is just as corny!


    • For Fuqua’s sake I agree with you, but I am not holding my breath.

      It’s a fun list. and I had hoped it would make for a fun read. Interesting to see so many agree with so much. Seems we all are expecting some of the same things. I wonder which ones will make for the biggest and best surprises…although I don’t think it will be any on my list. 🙂 Thanks for reading/commenting Ruth. Wanted to make a diff list than everyone else had been doing so far.


  4. Serious quesstion and would appreciate an answer. By what criteria do you deem a movie a disappointment when i suspect you have not even seen a trailer from that movie. Are you seen the script, are you basing it only on the actors or the director;s recent track record,are you privy to information from people on set? And how many times a year are you wrong either way. Or do you get rewards for hyping certain films and not others? I don’t mean to insult you but I am sure some of your colleagues can and have been bought because I don’t have film reviewers make these kinds of judgment calls when some movies are probably still in post prodiuction.


    • Answer:
      First off, while I can appreciate your candor in your questions, allow me to assure you that no one pays me or “rewards [me] for hyping certain films and not others?” My work on every post is work I put in for my enjoyment to be shared with others.

      This page, along with countless others is full of my own opinion (it’s my blog) which invites the opinions of others to be shared and hopefully open more people to the possibility of learning and enjoying new things in film.

      -My Criteria: It lies in my passion and love for the art and knowing certain movie plots/ideas when I see them. Something I have come to thoroughly enjoy and am in no wise claiming to be the tell-all know-all authority on movies. An arrogant viewpoint for anyone to have. This post should be viewed as a fun post from the point of view of one movie lover who expects some films to disappoint in reference to the hype and expectations laid up for them.

      -“when i suspect you have not even seen a trailer from that movie.”: This post had a trailer for 5 of the 12 movies listed. and EVERY Thursday is a post that highlights nothing else other than all the new trailers on a weekly basis. That base, I assure you, is covered. (please gather/know your facts prior)

      -I am not privy to any info on these films, haven’t previewed them, haven’t read the scripts, etc. No. Did you read the end where I said these are my most “anticipated” disappointments of the first half of 2013. and then said “I may end up eating my words, but then again, so may you!”?

      -I may be wrong with some of these, and I’m okay with that. It’s what makes making some fun predictions even more fun. If these films surprise me, then so much more the pleasure and enjoyment. (again, read the last paragraphs of this post)

      Definition of “anticipated”: “Regard as probable; expect or predict. Guess or be aware of (what will happen) and take action in order to be prepared.” (These are just fun guesses).

      I have not been “bought” and know that readers would still make their own judgment calls on what movies to see…as evidenced in some of the comments left here today as people say they will still go see movie “xyz” and hope for it to be better. People make up their own minds.

      You missed the whole point of this post. “I don’t mean to insult you.” But you need to re-read this post, see that I don’t expect the majority of these films to live up to their expectations, and that some I completely expect to live up to the expectations that most moviegoers tend to see/understand.

      Thank you.


  5. Veery interesting! You listed a couple that I’m very interested in (as you’ll see by my upcoming Most Anticipated list). But each listed does have a legitimate question mark or two. Good stuff!


    • I can’t wait to see your list keith! haha. posts like these at the beginning/end of each year are always fun. oohh, I am crossing my fingers for a few of these, but still think they will disappoint for the reasons you read.

      Thanks for enjoying the post today! 🙂


  6. Just saw the World War Z trailer in theatres today. Those piling CGI zombies look SO bad. GAH! They’ve got to be a joke, right??

    I still have hopes for Gatsby though. The Croods, too, actually. We’ll see 😉


    • Dude, you’re not joking. Those CGI zombies look horrific! haha.

      I have my hopes for Gatsby as well, but I’ve had to lower those expectations myself. Not bought into the Croods…and I really want to be. I’m more interested in EPIC than that one…and I didn’t want to be. haha 🙂

      You’re right. We’ll see.


  7. I have no desire to see Gangster Squad. Pubic Enemies pretty much sapped any interest I had left in gangster films.

    The funny thing about the hangover is that almost no one liked the second movie.Many went to see it, but that was because of the good graces of the first film, not because the second was any good. That is why it will probably be a faulty mistake to try and repeat it a third time.


    • Good point about The Hangover, Ian. But I think that people are still going to flock to it because they want another dose of The Hangover. It will meet with success but I expect it to not be stellar.

      Why can’t anyone make any real good gangster movies anymore?


    • Agreed. Well, the Haunted House is the “recommended avoid” film of January while Gangster Squad is the “anticipated disappoint” of January. I have no high hopes for Haunted House. Glad to see you don’t either. LOL

      GB does look 17 doesn’t he. hahahaha. That’s funny.


  8. Thanks for the link love! Always appreciated.

    I’m with you on most of these but in particular, the amount of excitement for Pain and Gain is confusing to me. That trailer just reeks of identity confusion and more importantly, Michael Bay is directing. Shouldn’t that be enough to be wary?

    Also with you on World War Z. I love the book but the only similarity that movie has to the book is the title. That looks like a colossal bust.

    Great stuff, enjoyed reading this column!


  9. Some good choices here, T; there are a lot of those that seem like they have potential but are tripping a few “uh oh” sensors. Can’t really argue the point on any of them.

    Also, well responded to “MovieFans For Fairness”. I don’t think I would have had the patience to be half so kind to such a clearly belligerent, pretentious, semi-literate twit.


    • I will def be interesting seeing how some of these play out. I actually found myself thinking “That’s it?” while looking through the list of films coming out in 2013. Was hoping for more choices throughout the year. haha. Thanks for reading.

      Admittedly, I was pretty put off by the comment left by “MFFF”, esp at the implications made. Patience only came due to work delaying my response for several hours.


  10. Agree with every one of those on the list, but I’m gonna throw a spanner in the works and say I think World War Z will surprise us. It will be nowhere near as good as the book but I still think it has some hope…


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