The Filmster, Issy, invited Yours Truly to be a part of a fun Movie Roundtable with two other great movie bloggers. He interviewed us and asked us a few pretty fun questions. Check out the fun read and see what type of movie I’d like to direct! 🙂
Thanks, Issy, for the invite and fun post!


T, The Focused Filmographer

The Filmster


Welcome back everyone and if this is your first time…I am Issy the Filmster and this is The Movie House Roundtable where I invite fellow bloggers and ask them some questions, and at the end you will vote for who you like the best.

Now, last week’s episode ‘The Pilot’ turned out to be a huge success(thanks to you guys!) and this week I name this episode ‘The Second Wave’ bringing you the next wave of bloggers to be bigger and badder than the first, maybe…I don’t know, you can decide.

Let me not forget to mention last week’s winner…the one and only Andy from Andy Watches Movies congrats! Hope to have you again at the table in the future.

Now, lets introduce to you the guys at the table…

My name is Terrence. I am originally from California but have resided in the beautiful state of New Mexico…

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