Check out Ruth and Ted’s article entitled “Friday Question: Movies with Great Ideas, Poor Execution?” Read and share your thoughts. You know you have some movies that come to mind already! (props to Ted for the “John Carter” love!)

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Tomorrow: my review for Warm Bodies.

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TGIF everyone! Certainly glad the weekend is approaching. Well, another week of blah at the cinema, nothing opens this weekend that I really want to see. Seems like aging Hollywood actors dominate the big screen with Stallone starring in Bullet to the Head, and Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken makes up a trio of aging con-men in Stand Up Guys. They all face off against a bunch of young’un zombies in Warm Bodies.

For today’s post, I thought I’d open things up for discussion on a topic that certainly every moviegoer has an opinion on. It’s a subject matter that’s been covered frequently by movie editors and bloggers alike, but it’s always fun to revisit again as there are perhaps as many movies that fit into this ‘great concepts, poor execution’ category than those we consider great or rubbish. I think science fiction films ‘suffer’ the…

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  1. Django Unchained. lol just kidding. That movie was too good.

    It’s funny because I was just having this conversation with a friend the other day and now I can’t think of the movies I was mentioning.


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