It’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!” 138

Today is Tuesday! and if you’ve been coming here for any length of time, you know that, for most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!! YES!!!

What is “Time to Vote Tuesday”?:

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

Last week’s poll entitled The Daring Darren has now closed. Celebrating Darren Aronofsky’s birthday, the votes for his best full-length feature film are in. With a total of 30 votes, it came as no surprise which film was votes as #1. Below is your winner…click the photo to see the actual overall swan

  • Be sure to check out which films of Aronofsky placed 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th.

I wish to thank everyone that voted in the poll, shared it with others, and added to the conversation with your comments!


This week’s edition of ‘TVT’ presents “Movie Character Fight Club, Rnd 3. In case you do not recall (or don’t know) what sparked the Fight Club to begin in the first place, please read this excerpt below from Round 1 for the rules/origin:

Earlier on Reddit I saw this question in the subreddit option of “r/movies” which received numerous responses and got my attention. Here’s what it asked:actors

(You can click the picture to be taken to the original post for some fun reading if you so wish)

I took the idea and ran with it just a little bit. Today we have created a “Movie Character Fight Club” and, don’t worry, you can talk about this one (Please do, actually, and share it with your friends and have them come vote as well!).Sharing Is Caring

In this first round of Movie Character Fight Club bouts, the same actor will face himself as two different characters they have played in a movie…only, not necessarily does it have to be a hero vs. a villain as the originating question suggests. So, while you may not see a Denzel Washington battle of Bad Guy Alonzo Harris (Training Day) vs. Good Guy Creasy (Man on Fire), you may see something along the lines of a Hugh Jackman battle of Good Guy Van Helsing vs. Good Guy Wolverine. 😀

Today is the day for ROUND 3! 

Click photo to check out the results of ROUND 2 from a few weeks back.

Today I ask you: Which “characters” win in this THIRD round of “Movie Character Fight Club”?

As a reminder, this is not a poll asking which character is your “favorite.” It is about which character would win in a one on one battle against each other based on their fighting merit and mettle…not their favorable character or looks or one-liners, etc.

















Well, Rnd 3 is underway! Can’t wait to see the results next week. Be sure to vote before the polls close on 2-26-13. The results will post on next week’s “Time to Vote Tuesday!”

*If there is a particular Movie Character Fight you’d like to see, submit your recommendation in the comment section and you may just see it pop up in a future round.

Pretty soon there will be a round pitting the winners against one another. Keep a lookout! Have fun!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. On a completely different note, “King Arthur” was one of the worst Arthurian legend movies ever. Like…offensively bad.

    Plus Deadpool > Green Lantern all day long.


  2. These are great fun man. I skipped a couple of them, but the best ones were Creasy vs Alonzo Harris (Creasy), V vs the Red Skull (V), and Neo vs John Constantine. Who voted John Constantine? LOL!

    I’m the guy who voted Green Latern btw. 😀


    • I appreciate that Fogs. Thanks. The challenge is now finding good matches after the first couple of rounds.

      I think that GL would beat Wade Wilson myself…even though I wasn’t a fan of either character in their movies. (perhaps Tim is on to something with his abstain vote on the Reynolds round!) haha


  3. I voted for John Constantine! Because Neo ends up as a goddamn “Mary Sue” by the end of it.

    More importantly, how many demons has Neo banished? A big fat zero! Neo is basically an over glorified anti-virus software. I can probably nerd rage more if I have to. Hah!

    I too skipped a few because I didn’t watch them (both the Johnny Depp flicks and the Denzel Washington flicks)


  4. Ooh, had to toss in my hat in some of the more sci-fi/superhero ones.

    Deadpool wins, Deadpool always wins, except when he doesn’t.

    Constantine wins in the real world, Neo only wins inside the Matrix and I doubt he gets home field advantage.

    V wins as long as he gets a bit of time for some planning.

    And Aeon wins because she can just come back as another clone, too bad both of those characters were poor takes on great concepts.


  5. Fun matchups, T! Glad to see a mix of male and female heroines! I haven’t seen a bunch of these, but I voted anyway. Funny we were just talking about Man of Fire yesterday with my pal Ted, I still need to see it. I voted for that one as Denzel looks sooo bad ass in the poster, ahah.


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