Checking Out the “Happy-Haps!” (3/13)

What are the “Happy-Haps?!”

…as in the happy happenings that are going on in the movie blogosphere! This is the day of link-love for several movie bloggers and sites that have written articles/reviews that I have not been able to bring to your immediate attention! Today is your day to catch up on many other stories and goings on that just might make you smile…hence the name “The Happy-Haps!” 

(keep in mind that every word highlighted below in gold is a clickable link!)

Happy-Hap #1– Victor at VictorsMovieReviews shares a post that he himself reblogged from Funk’s House of Geekery that claims to “ruin your favourite movies” with true background bits of trivia. Check out 5 Behind-the-scenes stories of some of your favorite movies in this fun exposing article. You’ll find interesting tidbits from The Wizard of Oz, Forrest Gump, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and more. Thank you to Victor for reblogging it and sharing this trivia-loaded spotlight.

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#1

Happy-Hap #2– Nostra from MyFilmViews once again shares a look at one famous and beloved actress in his weekly segment entitled “The Many Faces Of…” that focuses on the filmography and biography of a different thespian each week. I love this long-running segment of his and this week he spotlights Academy Award-Winner Jennifer Lawrence. Can you name all of her movies? Do you know just how many she has been in? Test your J-Law knowledge in this fun Happy-Hap.

-See the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence here: Happy-Hap#2.Jennifer-Lawrence1

***Nostra also has been generously hosting the “Movie Jail Relay Race” that we cooperatively started (throwing actors/directors into “movie jail” for their “crimes against audiences”). It is a fun relay race with a constantly changing roster of inmates. See the most recent roster in this fun relay race we started HERE.movie_jail1

Happy-Hap #3– My friend and fellow CCG member, Rodney at FernbyFilms takes a stab at listing his Top 10 favorite/best 007 movie title sequences. Are you a James Bond movie fan? Love the music, the gadgets, the girls, the guns, the cars and more? See if you can guess his top 10 prior to checking out the ones he chose in this fun article. Enjoy! 🙂

-Name your Top 10 here: Happy-Hap#3Best-Bond-Opening-Sequences-Logo

Happy-Hap #4– Morgan from MorganOnMedia gives a very insightful argument as to the timing and appropriateness of Hollywood’s insistence upon reboots of popular franchises. RoboCop, The Hulk, Superman, Batman and Spider-man are all subjects in this article that poses the question: When is a reboot acceptable or not? And shares the guidelines for such a question. Check out the article, reply to it with your own thoughts and share in the discussion that divides many moviegoers.

-Fan of reboots or not, you should read this article here: Happy-Hap#4circular-arrow

Happy-Hap #5– Ruth over at wrote an extensively beautiful article displaying her two-fold love for London and movies filmed there. In alphabetical order she lists some of her favorite films from “across the pond” that, admittedly, also would make my list as well. It really is a beautiful place for filming. You might be surprised by some on the list that you didn’t know were filmed overseas. Don’t miss this beautiful post that, undoubtedly, took plenty of time and research to put together.

-Travel to London here: Happy-Hap#5travelingthrucinema_london

Happy-Hap#6– Ted S. is a contributor at and his article about Quentin Tarantino is the cause for the first ever “Double-Dip” Happy-Hap (2 from the same site). Many people can list Quentin Tarantino’s films among their favorites of all-time, but what about the all-time favorite films of Tarantino himself? Ted shares his thoughts on the surprising list of Tarantino in this fun look into the preferences of Mr. QT. I was quite surprised actually to learn that one of my favorite film connoisseurs (Ted) hadn’t seen the one he listed as being unfamiliar with. 🙂

-See if you have the same taste as Tarantino in this neat article here: Happy-Hap#6qt_camera

Happy-Hap#7– Dan (the blog-community MAN) over at Fogs Movie Reviews takes a moment to ask “Who do YOU think is the most overrated?” So many actors and directors gain following, but which ones do you think get their following and their work undeservedly? Halle Berry, Julia Roberts, Terrence Malick, Johnny Depp, or even the above mentioned Quentin Tarantino?? Oooh, the debates and conversations make for a fun read in the comment section of this week’s post. Add yours to the mix in this Happy-Hap.

-See and share the overrated here: Happy-Hap#7halle_berry_the_call

Happy-Hap #8– Newcomer to the “Happy-Hap” list, Manon from Manon’s Maze shares a list of some of her favorite quotes about movies from moviemakers themselves in this article entitled “Film Makers About Their Art.” Favorite sayings from the likes of Alfred Hitchcock, Francis Ford Coppola, J.J. Abrams, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan and more make for some fun reads on this Happy-Hap. Don’t miss it and share which one is your favorite. I particularly enjoyed Hitchcock’s as one of my faves listed.

-Read and enjoy the quotes here: Happy-Hap#82movie_reel

Happy-Hap #9– Keith at Keith And The Movies lists his 5 Phenomenal: Directorial Debuts! Those first ever directed films by directors of fame may surprise you. Do you have a favorite film from a director that really “knocked it out of the park” on their first try? Keith shares his with you in this Happy-Hap. Hit him up and share yours with him as well. Check out Keith’s list!

-Ready, aaannnndddd ACTION!: Happy-Hap#9movie_theatre-phenom-5

Happy-Hap #10– Bubbawheat from FlightsTightsAndMovieNights loves the superhero genre of movies…and thus has my eternal friendship as a result! 🙂 Constantly scouring the web for info on upcoming superhero films and for fanmade superhero movie shorts, I have learned of and watched some pretty impressive shorts that I never might have known existed had it not been for his site. Today’s Happy-Hap#10 gives his look at his Top 5 Superhero Shorts (among which I am surprised to see “One on One” missing from the list).  He finds means to interview the creators and the articles with the filmmakers make for a fantastic read everytime. Enjoy the superhero shorts listed here and see which one is MY favorite in the comment section of the post!

-This SUPER post awaits you here: Happy-Hap#10she-hulk1

Well, those are the “Happy-Haps” of the day! Which “Hap” made you Happiest?! Leave a note, discuss and debate! Don’t just read and leave! Share the love!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Trailer Time Thursday!”


  1. WOW, double happy haps. Thanks so much Mr Hap, I’m so honored 😀 Lots of good ones I haven’t seen yet, esp that Bond opening sequences, wahoo!


    • Oh for sure. I was going to nom you for that, but someone beat me to it. Actually, a LOT of the blogs I was going to nom were already nominated.

      I gotta spruce up Mr. Happy-Hap with that purple hat you used for the next installment! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the share, One on One would have easily been in a top 10, and if I were just ranking the shorts themselves, it probably would have placed. But I chose articles also for their interviews, not just the shorts themselves.


    • Thanks for being here. I have a better understanding of the rating and have adjusted the wording of the Happy-Hap to reflect as such. Thanks again. I think it is impressive how you are able to get in touch with the makers of the shorts. Thanks for sharing them.


      • It was one of favorites too. I’m thinking of making a similar post with actors’ and actresses’ quotes. I’ve read so many cool and interesting ones that a post each might not even be enogh 🙂


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