The 2013 LAMMYs are HERE!

Greetings all!

In the right hand margin of my website here is a green and yellow button that says “the Large Association of Movie Blogs.” I don’t know if you’ve ever clicked it, noticed it or wondered about it, but for those of you that do not know, it is an amazing conglomerate of movie blogs from around the entire globe! Over 1,500 members and growing, the LAMB is amazing in how many fantastic blogs are able to be discovered through its members.lamb pic

Last year, TheFocusedFilmographer became a member of The LAMB (I am #1299) and joined many other friends in the already great community which it provides. (Thank you to Fogsmoviereviews and Flixchatter for encouraging me to join.)lamb-banner-wide

Well, every year, the LAMB has a special awards ceremony entitled THE LAMMYS.lammy-2013-voting-week-copy

The prize? a coveted LAMMY.

The categories? Numerous. From “Best Blog” to “Best Design” to “Best Running Feature” and more.

It really is quite fun and allows the discovery and sharing of many fantastic blogs (along with the honoring recognition of those blogs). In order to be eligible for a LAMMY, a blog must be submitted by a LAMB member for consideration in any and all categories. After the submissions are made a blog must then make it thru the “eligible nomination” round. Then, that blog is put on a poll with other eligible nominees in which LAMB members then vote for the winner. See all the eligible nominees here.


The Focused Filmographer was an approved eligible member for several categories and now sits among other elite and amazing blogs in the “eligible for nomination” round of 5 separate categories. (After this stage, the final nominees will be up for the win in their category — Vote and make me a nominee!) It is an honor to have made it this far in my first year as a LAMB member and I want to thank all of those who saw fit to submit my blog for consideration. Thank you Keith, Mark, Ruth, Bubbawheat, Fogs, Nostra and any others that I have failed to mention (sorry). It’s exciting to just have made it this far and I wish the best of luck and congratulations to all the nominees.

But…it is a contest for an award and I do like to win. So, for your consideration, here are the FIVE categories in which I would ask that you place a vote for me.Lammy2013

—Click the photos below to see the segment/post!—

#3– Avengers Week Blog-a-thon: avengersinitiative4

#4– New Posters of the Week: New Posters

#5– Time to Vote Tuesday: tvt

Only current LAMB members are able to vote in the polls (and thank YOU for all the support you give to my page here), but those that aren’t LAMB members…thank YOU for continuing to support this page and all the fun you bring to the posts via your comments, “likes”, votes and more. You all are the winners in my book and I am thankful for each and everyone of you.rocky

I am honored, surprised, flabbergasted (I don’t think I’ve ever used that word on this blog. haha) and excited to be up for FIVE LAMMY Awards and appreciate your support in the polls that are currently open.

The nominations ballot is now open and will remain open through Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 11:59 pm Pacific Time (US)

To find more information about the blogs in consideration this year, check out the FULL ELIGIBILITY LIST, When you are ready to vote, the ballot can be found here: <<<Click to go vote!


Thank you.

T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. Good luck in the race, you’ve definitely got my support for Best New Lamb, and Running Feature for Posters of the week, though as I’m getting into the bigger categories, it’s going to be a very tight ballot for me. You’ve got a great site here and I enjoy visiting it!


  2. Nice post but I do think you have it a little mixed up. This is the nomination stage after this 5-10 blogs will be nominated in each category and we will then have another member poll up to vote for the winners in each category.


  3. Good luck, T. I still need to fill out your ballot, but you’re for sure getting nominated for Best New Lamb. And I can’t very well ignore Avengers Week after having been a part of it, now can I? 😀


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