“And That’s What’s Up” (A preview of this week’s posts)

Happy Monday to you all.

This is just a quick little post to give you wonderful readers a little bit of insight into what’s up here at the offices of The Focused Filmographer at “Focus Towers.” 😀 Things have been ultra-busy and posts have been on the burners waiting to be served up. Here’s WHAT’S UP for you this week at “Focus Towers”!Up-movie-opening-sequence

Monday: Movie News Monday will NOT post this week. (Sorry)


Instead, towards the end of the day, my delayed review of 42 (the Jackie Robinson story) will finally post! I have to go to work first, folks, but look for the post later and don’t miss it. I can tell you that 42  did win the Box Office over the weekend, however! Congrats to it.42-movie

Tuesday: Time to Vote Tuesday 146, will bring the 5th round of the Movie Character Fight Club! Got some fun bouts for you to judge in this fun running feature. Be sure not to miss it on Tuesday after I return from the dreaded dentist’s chair!dundundun

Wednesday: A new CinematiCaptions post will arrive. Prepare to create some funny captions for the two movie picture scenes picked. This is always a fun post and I enjoy reading the creative captions you all make up.funnycaption

Thursday: “Trailer Time Thursday!” -Curious to see what new trailers launch this week? Don’t miss Thursday.preview

Friday: New Posters of the Week. Another one of my favorite segments continues with Bubbawheat and myself sharing looks at the newest posters promoting upcoming movies.

New Posters

Saturday: It will be time to Check Out The Happy-Haps! Plenty of great bloggers on the web have some really fantastic articles and reviews that you just need to read and enjoy. I will be catching up with them this week and will have 10 of their finest articles here for you. Don’t miss the Happy-Haps and share in the link-love that will be here on Saturday!happyhaps

*This, of course, is a tentative schedule I am working on bringing to you this week [time and work permitting], along with my review for OBLIVION (releasing Friday).Oblivion-Movie-2013-Wallpaper-HD1

And, That’s What’s Up at “Focus Towers” this week! Keep a lookout for these posts and more.

Oh, and in case you didn’t know: Django Unchained releases on blu-ray and dvd this week (4/16). Buy, rent or stream it if you so desire. My review for Quentin Tarantino’s film: HERE.django

Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching.

T, The Focused Filmographer


Sad about not getting your weekly fix of Movie News Monday? Apologies. Work, home-improvements and bad allergies have kept me from being online as much as I’d like to have been. Plus…gotta mix it up every once in a while. I DO give regular updates on movie news everyday as it comes in on the Facebook page and Twitter. Follow there and be sure to catch everything. (Click the photo to view the page)



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