The Official Nomination is HERE—The 2013 LAMMYs


I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming (review of OBLIVION is almost complete but will be delayed until Saturday) to bring you an important announcement:

The Focused Filmographer has been officially nominated for the category of BEST NEW LAMB in the 2013 LAMMY Awards!1 Nomination

You may recall that The LAMB (Large Association of Movie Blogs), with over 1,550 blog members, runs a series of awards recognizing the accomplishments of many movie blogs across the universe every year. The results are completely up to the LAMB community members, of which I became a part of last year. I was honored by my peers when several of them submitted TheFocusedFilmographer for FIVE different categories:lAMMY2013

How the process works is quite impressive and there are numerous stages. Suffice it to say, that after all the votes from the consideration stage down to the nomination stage, Yours Truly is up against some very impressive competition in the category of BEST NEW LAMB. The official list of nominees has been released and the polls are open (for current LAMB members to vote) HERE.

Final voting for the selection of winners is open to all current LAMB members beginning April 17 and ending April 30th. The presentation of winners will occur on the Lamb site starting May 6 and ending May 15.

I thank you all for following and supporting this site! It is a lot of fun being a part of your regular internet website visits each week. I ask for your consideration and vote for BEST NEW LAMB as voting is open from now until April 30th.

Congratulations to all of my fellow nominees as well. It is indeed a great honor to be listed alongside:lamb pic


Thanks, as always. See you at the LAMMYs!

T, The Focused Filmographer.


  1. Congrats T. It’s a very tough list of blogs isn’t it? It could go anywhere but it also shows that we’re doing something right by standing alongside so many great sites. All the very best of luck, man.


  2. Congrats sit, sorry to see some of the other categories didn’t make it through as I’d have voted for them, but it’s great to be up on the board 🙂 Good luck with the voting!


    • ya know, it’s okay. From 5 to 1. I was pretty stoked that people saw them even worth of being nominated. I am excited to make it to the final round in new lamb, but I think it def is the toughest of all the categories. Congrats to you as well!


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