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New Posters of the Week (5/10/13)

May 10, 2013

Happy Friday! It is time, once again, to check out all of the…

As you know I love checking out and collecting movie posters! With teases of what to expect from the featured film, posters are one of my favorite parts of the whole cinematic experience. If you love movie posters like I do, then you are likely to enjoy the latest ones of the week!

A fun batch of pretty good looking posters this week. This time around my friend, Bubbawheat (from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights) and I both share our thoughts on the movie posters recently released. These silent movie promoters are the results of the creative brainstorming of some talented (most of them) artists and sometimes can be even more thrilling than the movie they are advertising.

Take a look at this week’s batch: (To view the fullscreen slideshow, click on any one of the posters below and scroll through with the arrow keys.)


TheFocusedFilmographer– I missed publishing a “New Poster” post last week and couldn’t wait for this week’s installment. There are several that I like! From the simplicity yet complexity of Epic to the blurry speediness of Man of Steel to the awesome Rorschach blend of Caroline and Jackie, this week offers quite a bit to enjoy. The more I look at Aftershock, the more it impresses me. But my favorites this week are Gravity, Star Trek Into Darkness and Pacific Rim. I’m a little disappointed with the poster for Captain Phillips after the great trailer (see yesterday’s post), but I do happen to like The Purge as well.

Bubbawheat– Even though the poster’s just ok, this is the first of me hearing about the new Coen Brother’s movie. Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, and a cat’s eye acoustic guitar? Color me interested. I thought Caroline and Jackie looked pretty cool at first glance, but then I decided that it just looks kind of weird. Epic is a great new poster, though I’m not that fond of this Man of Steel poster, I think it’s a combination of the look on his face and I think it’s a little too speed blurred. I’m with you on Aftershock, there’s so much little subtleties to it that makes it pretty awesome. And while I have no high hopes for the movie, I think the concept for Grown Ups 2 poster is genius. Gravity is definitely the stand out for the best though, it’s just a beautiful image.

Great stuff again this week and as always, thanks for letting me be a part of it!

Well, what do YOU think? Which ones are your favorites in this spotlight? Which ones do you like/hate and why? Leave a comment! 🙂

To see past editions of this post (Spotlight on New Posters of the Week), click HERE.

Posters courtesy ImpAwards, Collider and additional sources (visit them to see more like these).

Special thanks to Bubbawheat of Flights, Tights and Movie Nights for joining me today in sharing the New Posters of the Week.

Have a great day!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: My review of The Great Gatsby

19 Comments leave one →
  1. May 10, 2013 6:39 pm

    LOL. Is that “Captain Phillips” poster a joke? I mean… that’s like a “Generic” label or something. 😀 Is it supposed to look like a boat, is that it? Its awful… LOL

    As much as it pains me to say it, that Grown Ups 2 poster is a fairly decent idea…


    • May 10, 2013 9:00 pm

      Fun fact: Kevin James went to high school with the Mick Foley/Mankind and were on the wrestling team together.


      • May 15, 2013 12:43 pm

        I did not know that. Thanks for the fun fact!


    • May 15, 2013 12:42 pm

      I was pretty disappointed in Captain Phillips poster after the gripping trailer. boooo!

      LOL at your Grown Ups 2 comment. You musta closed your eyes tightly as your hands typed that out. hahaha


  2. meeradarjiyr1 permalink
    May 11, 2013 5:19 am

    Omg the Grown ups 2 poster is EPIC! Can’t wait for that fllm


    • May 11, 2013 4:40 pm

      Clearly you didn’t see the first one…


      • meeradarjiyr1 permalink
        May 11, 2013 4:50 pm

        Yeah ive seen the first one too! Just not that poster lol


    • May 15, 2013 12:44 pm


      I seem to be one of the few that is not as captivated by the poster. haha. I will admit it is pretty smart idea. 🙂 thanks for the comment


  3. May 11, 2013 5:57 am

    I agree with Fogs about the Captain Phillips poster. I’m excited about Inside Llewyn Davis.


    • May 15, 2013 12:45 pm

      Inside Llewyn Davis is grabbing some attention. I’m not too sold on it yet. something about it just doesnt click for me. Perhaps that’ll change. ARe you a Coen Bros fan?

      thanks for the comment.


      • May 15, 2013 2:15 pm

        I’m a huge Coen brothers fa. They’re two of my favorite directors and I’ll watch anything by them.


      • May 17, 2013 12:12 am

        I liked True Grit, but I’m not a big big Coen fan. I very much did not like No Country For Old Men.


  4. May 11, 2013 10:11 am

    Star Trek!!!


  5. May 11, 2013 4:40 pm

    That Superman trailer looks really weak.


    • May 15, 2013 12:53 pm

      ? haha


      • May 15, 2013 5:28 pm

        Sorry, I meant poster. The trailer looks awesome.


      • May 17, 2013 12:20 am

        no worries. I was just curious, because I figured you musta seen some whack fanmade trailer then, because the one I’ve seen…amazing! haha


  6. Kal-El permalink
    May 13, 2013 2:36 pm

    Gravity and Epic are my favorite two from this post.

    Is that the Enterprise giving chase to the Enterprise? Now that would be epic. Reminds me of when the Defiant showed up and dwarfed the original Enterprise AND the space station it was docked at.

    I like all 3 of the newer Superman posters that have come out the last few days more than this one.


    • May 15, 2013 1:10 pm

      Gravity is amazing!

      thanks for the comment


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