Join the Celebration: TheFocusedFilmographer turns 3!

Hello all!

Today’s post is a very special post. I love birthdays (and not just mine). There’s something about taking the opportunity to honor and celebrate a birthday with a friend that is exciting to me!

Celebration Time!!
Celebration Time!!

…and today, I get to invite you all to join me in celebrating the birthday of a part of me (if you will)…!FF new

If you are here, you are a part of the celebration of the site’s 3rd Birthday!!!


The day was May 25, 2010. After writing a few short reviews for friends to read on Facebook (includingย Iron Man 2, Robin Hood, Shrek 4), I decided to transfer them over to a blog (whatever THAT was) following the recommendation of a few friends and now, 3 years later, it has grown far beyond anything I ever imagined and I am grateful to God and to all of you, the readers and followers, who have made this journey (now of 3 years) so much fun.

Hold the phone! Did you say THREE years?!!
Hold the phone! Did you say THREE years?!!

I never would’ve thought that, in 3 years, I would:the-first-terrences-take

  • Have a Twitter account (I avoided Twitter like crazy and now…I’m on it every day @FilmsWith_T)
  • Have anyone (other than a teacher/professor) interested in reading anything I had to write…and now there are over 800 of you regular followers!
  • Have a website that was visited over 182,000 times! (Last year on May 25, the site had only 73,400 visits in 2 years)
  • Be writing a movie review column for the newspaper in multiple cities for about 18months so far!
  • Have had the opportunity to host a television show that aired for 3 months on television all about movies.
  • Have had enough to say to fill up over 1,000 posts.
  • Have the wonderful experience of sharing a passion about movies with people like you from ALL over the world!
WOW!! 3 Years!
WOW!! 3 Years!


This has been such a great journey so far and I not only love writing and bringing some fun content to you all every week, I love seeing what your thoughts are as well. There have been over 13,200 comments on the site! WOW…thanks for chiming in whenever you do!

All of the fantastic people I have met, the opportunities I have been blessed with, and the movies I have been able to enjoyโ€ฆthese past three years truly been unexpected and phenomenal to say the least!

Get ready for the party!
Get ready for the party!

I cannot take the opportunity to list everyone who has contributed so much to me and this website (there isn’t enough storage space on the WordPress servers to hold the names of everyone I have to say thank you that make up this great community), but allow me to say “Thank You” to a few special “FocusedFilmogra-phollowers”:

My Parents, My Sisters, Ruth at Flixchatter, Dan at Fogsmoviereviews, Meccadawn, TheSilkSpectre, Kal-el, Mr. Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Atencio, Bubbawheat, Nostra at Myfilmviews, Dan the Man, Ian the Cool, Dan at Top10, Le0pard, Lady Sati, Max at ImpassionedCinema, Jaina, TaiwanJon, My man Tim at Timsfilmreviews, Morgan on Media, Paula’s Cinema Club, Drkaman, FernbyFilms, TajGreene, Moshawty, Trevor, Little Guy In a Tie, BishopReviews, Rorschach reviews, Issy, Brit, Esteban, Brian at CanBabiesDrinkRedbull and so so so many more of you! –Thank You!


It is because of all of you that I continue and stay glued to my phone to keep you updated and respond to comments each and every day (more like each and every half hour!). This post is more of a celebration of you being here for three years and thanking you for making it so much fun.


From “Checking Out the Happy-Haps,” “Time to Vote Tuesday” and “Rants of Whine and Reason” to “New Posters of the Week,” “Trailer Time Thursday,” “CinematiCaptions” and “Netflix Streaming No-No’s” each of the regular segments that pop up in addition to the reviews are made even that much better by you reading/commenting/being a part! And it is with you I celebrate this 3rd birthday.

it's been a fast and furious ride!
It’s been a fast and furious ride!

And…what is a birthday celebration without at least 1 gift??!lots-of-gifts1

In celebration of today’s 3-year anniversary of the site…and you all being a part of it…I have 3 gifts to give away and youย have an opportunity to win by participating in the following game. It is a 10-question quiz that, if you’ve paid attention over the past…well, even the past 7-8 months…you can answer easily!

Pop Quiz Time
Pop Quiz Time

Here are the rules:

  1. 1 entry per person
  2. Answer the questions (not in the comment section)
  3. Email your name and your answers to (I know, I know…it’s a LONG email address).
  4. The first email received (in order) that correctly answer all 10 questions will win 1 $25 Fandango gift card.
  5. The second correct email will win a 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD combo copy of The Amazing Spider-Man.
  6. The third correct email will win a copy of the soundtrack to Star Trek Into Darkness.
  7. Have fun!
  8. To ensure your email reaches me and doesn’t stay in the Spam folder, please put in the subject line: “3 Year Contest”
  9. Only US residents are eligible at this time (sorry to my international fans).
  10. Submissions will be accepted until Friday, May 31st. The winners will receive a notification email from me on June 1, 2013!
  11. **Addendum: Must be a follower/subscriber to enter/win. On Facebook, Twitter, Email subscription, WordPress, etc.


Here’s your quiz: (may I recommend using links on this page, including, but not limited to, the search box)

  1. How many movies have been reviewed on the site (not counting the “coming soon” reviews)?black-question-mark
  2. How many movies that I have reviewed have received a “perfect” score (5/5 or 10/10)
  3. What is my favorite all-time movie? (BTW, it isn’t SPLICE)
  4. Who is my self-acclaimed “Movie Wife”?
  5. What was the site called before it was changed to TheFocusedFilmographer?
  6. What major 2012 blockbuster movie am I actually in as a background artist?
  7. Which international film festival will I be giving complete coverage of in the month of September?
  8. True or False? Regular segments “Movie News Monday”, “Time to Vote Tuesday” and “Trailer Time Thursday” all started in the same week back in June 2010.
  9. What 2 movies have won “BEST PICTURE” over the past 2 most recent annual Red Web Awards?
  10. My favorite pieces of movie memorabilia to collect regularly is?

Bonus question: Do you know my absolute favorite movie soundtrack theme? Guess in the comment section below! ๐Ÿ™‚quiz

Thank you to all of you for participating! For being a part of the events here at the site…whether it be from day 1 or just this past week. All of your input, participation, comments, submissions, likes, shares and more are so greatly appreciated.


Happy 3rd birthday (…and many more…) to you being a part of!ย 

Thanks for reading! Happy watching!

T, TheFocusedFilmographercardfront

up next: Review for EPIC, and I just realized my MUD review was still in “draft” status, so that will post next too.

Have a great day!


  1. T! Congratulations! 3 years is a long time in this racket man, glad to see you’re still growing and going strong. You’re racking up quite an impressive resume of accomplishments man, keep it up dude!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Oh, and… have some cake. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Happy Anniversary T and many many more! I so enjoy reading your blog. Your weekly features brighten my day and keep me informed. Especially when I can blather on about movie posters ๐Ÿ˜‰ May this blog and your persistence and dedication lead you wherever you want to go.


  3. I’m proud of you buddy. While we don’t always agree on our movie thoughts we certainly can agree to disagree at times. It’s always a joy to read your reviews and regular segments like news Monday and vote Tuesday.

    Also, I’m really impressed that after three years reviewing and many more just watching, you’ve not become jaded and cynical about the movie industry and the products they’re putting out. You have the ability to approach each new show with fresh eyes and a grounded sense of expectations. I know I can’t say the same for myself.

    Once again, happy birthday to the site and I look forward to the vast amounts of content to come.


  4. Congratulations man, this has been a seriously great run for you so far and I’m glad to see that you’re still going strong after all this time. Looking forward to your Mud review, I haven’t gotten the chance to see it yet but I’ve heard generally good things


  5. Oh my goodness!! So sorry I missed this post as I usually take computer breaks on weekends. Well, Happy Belated 3rd Blog B’day, T!!! I’m so thrilled that you’ve accomplished so much in just three years. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed man, it’s amazing how you managed to juggle your full time job and putting up great content here day in and day out!

    THANK YOU for mentioning me in your Thank You, I’m so honored! I’m so blessed to know you on the blogosphere and hope one day we’d meet up.

    God bless ya man and keep up the awesome work on TFF! ๐Ÿ˜€


    • Do not worry about missing this post, cuz, guess what? you didn’t! ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re here and a part of the celebration. I never thought I’d get to 3 years and it has been tough at times but always fun and rewarding.

      I know what it is to be super busy and it is bothersome at times not able to be plugged in to the “blogosphere” as much as I want to. I am thankful that friends such as you stick with me. so Thank YOU.

      I hope that we do meet up one day, but if not here, in Heaven. Grateful for a great friend like you.



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