Checking Out the “Happy-Haps!” (6/16)

It’s been a while since we’ve checked out The Happy Haps and so, it is now time for…Fogs'HappyHap

What are the “Happy-Haps?!”

…as in the happy happenings that are going on in the movie blogosphere! This is the day of link-love for several movie bloggers and sites that have written articles/reviews that I have not been able to bring to your immediate attention! Today is your day to catch up on many other stories and goings on that just might make you smile…hence the name “The Happy-Haps!” 

(keep in mind that every word highlighted below in gold is a clickable link!)

Happy-Hap #1– Dezzy at The Hollywood Spy shares a real nice spotlight on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. A look at the first trailer’s debut along with an “extenstive spotlight on all you need to know about the epic sequel to the Middle Earth adventures. Character info and backgrounds, locations and photos that any fan of the series cannot afford to miss. This Happy-Hap #1 begins our journey.

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#1HOBBIT THE DESOLATION FO SMAUG

Happy-Hap #2– Horror fans don’t want to miss Tim from TimsFilmReviews’ thoughts on the anthology sequel V/H/S 2. The sequel that came out very quickly after the first is possibly better than the first according to him. A fan of V/H/S? Interested in the second one? Be sure to seek out Tim’s review of the sequel.

-Will the third one be called D/V/D? haha. Don’t run from this Happy Hap#2:vhs-2-banner

Happy-Hap #3– My friend Nostra at MyFilmViews posts an actor spotlight every Friday in a series that I enjoy entitled “The Many Faces of…” One of his most recent installments paid homage to the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow. Did you know that she was in my favorite movie of all time? Hook! If you are a fan of Gwyneth’s you definitely don’t want to miss this spotlight. How many of her roles can you name? (Perhaps I should’ve made this one Happy-Hap #Se7en!)

-See where Gwyneth began: Happy-Hap#3GwynethPaltrow

Happy-Hap #4– One of my favorite days is Monday because each Monday, MovieNewsMonday brings some updates on several bits of movie info. But not everything makes it into MNM. Morgan at MorganOnMedia posted his latest “News Bites” with several updates on some things going on from Muppets to Man of Steel to Guardians of the Galaxy and more. See what’s going on in the movie world in his informative update.

-Get your fill of news bites here: Happy-Hap#4news-bites-logo

Happy-Hap #5– Ruth over at wrote an article that highlights the gorgeous musical score for a magician movie that often gets overlooked. With Now You See Me still in theaters, you may want to give some love to the film that was dwarfed by Nolan’s The Prestige and watch The Illusionist. With the composed score by Phillip Glass, Ruth shares a part of the film that truly is spectacular. Don’t miss this magically musical Happy-Hap.

-Check it out here: Happy-Hap#5theillusionistscore

Happy-Hap#6– My friend Dan the Lammy Shepherd over at Fogsmoviereviews brings up a question of the ages in his “Great Debate” segment this week. Previous installments have asked which is better between King Kong and Godzilla, Han Solo and Indiana Jones, etc. This week he forces you to vote and debate over Batman and Superman. This is one great debate for the record books. (By the way, I thought I’d share that Dan here is the reason Mr. Happy Hap has some new threads at the top of this post! So, give him some love!) 😀

-Be sure to speak up for your would be DC champion here: Happy-Hap#6svb

Happy-Hap#7– Mark over at Marked Movies shares a highlight of several classic scenes in a regular segment of his and in this latest one he looks at the “Let Me See Your War Face!” scene from the Stanley Kubrick classic Full Metal Jacket. This segment is one I enjoy in that it pays attention to scenes that sometimes get forgotten or overlooked in classics. Watch it, read the dialogue and discuss your favorite moment in this Happy-Hap!

-Get your war face on here: Happy-Hap#720130510-115028

Happy-Hap #8– Keith over at Keith & The Movies posted a new “Phenomenal 5” installment that is fitting in this season of summer. A look at 5 movie vacations that went phenomenally bad! Can you think of some already that come to mind? Like Taken? or National Lampoon’s A Christmas Vacation? See which ones made the list of the Top 5 over at this Happy-Hap that I enjoyed.

-Learn which vacation not to take here: Happy-Hap#8movie_theatre-phenom-5

Happy-Hap #9– My friend Michael at It rains…you get wet shares his tremendous love and appreciation for the opening sequence of 1978’s Superman. With Man of Steel in theaters this weekend, this post is so fitting and a wonderful look at what made the opening sequence so great. Don’t miss this super Happy-Hap and hum along to the music you know so well.

-Fly over to this one here: Happy-Hap#9superman

Happy-Hap #10– This Happy-Hap shares  Ian The Cool‘s spotlight and questioning of the movie collector’s philosophy. His confessions of a blu-ray collector begins the segment that asks to debate and question the numerous reasons or lack thereof that exist for people to continue spending money and collecting films (…and then putting them in alphabetical order in their shelves at home like I do! haha, I’m super OCD.) Visit and check out this Happy-Hap that we all can relate to.

-Speak up for movie collectors all over the world in this digital day and age here: Happy-Hap#10bluray

Well, those are the “Happy-Haps” of the day! Which “Hap” made you Happiest?! Leave a note, discuss and debate! Don’t just read and leave! Share the love!

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

(as usual, I’ve taken a break over the weekend. I appreciate all of the comments and “likes” over the weekend and will be sure to respond to each shortly!)

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  1. Very nice! Thanks for the info. Although… I do wish Happy hap #10’s Blu-rays were in alphabetical order…… or at least in some sort of order (genre, hottest actress, etc.). 🙂 I guess I have some OCD issues as well.


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