What’s Next? (A Preview of upcoming posts)

Greetings all. It’s Wednesday, the middle of the week…and, the perfect day to give you a little insight into what’s next here on TheFocusedFilmographer.com!


Here’s a sneak peek of what to be on the lookout for over the next several days:

Trailer Time Thursday! -several new trailers headed your way that you do NOT want to miss! Keep an eye out for Thursday’s spotlight.Movie-Trailer-poster

New Posters of the Week -Bubbawheat and I share all the new posters for movies and this week there is, yet again, another impressive mix.New Posters

Review for The Iceman -Starring Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Chris Evans, Ray Liotta, James Franco and more. This relatively unknown film’s review is one you shouldn’t miss.the-iceman-michael-shannon

Review for Monsters University -A delayed review…I missed the special screening as sleep took over my body last night! So, the review will come later this week.MONSTERS UNIVERSITY

Review for World War Z -Zombies, Brad Pitt, guns and more…what’s not to like? We’ll find out soon.wwz

Rants of Whine & Reason #3 -The return of one of my favorite segments. A complaint-fest of something movie related. Join in on the fun and share in my frustration! 🙂Rants

TheFocusedFilmographer Newsletter#1 for the upcoming White Sands International Film Festival -The first of three monthly updates to share what is going on with the WSIFF (for which I am the official reporter/blogger) as the date for its launch approaches. (Click photo for more info)wsiff

That’s what’s planned for the next seven days on top of your other regular segments (“Movie News Monday” and “Time to Vote Tuesday!”). Stay tuned.


In case you haven’t been around for a few days, don’t miss these posts that are worth a look:

Time to Vote Tuesday 154: Vote for your favorite “one-man show” movies of survival such as Cast Away and 127 Hours. HEREonemanshows

Movie News Monday: See the news about all the films Schwarzenegger is gearing up to be in? He told you he’d be BAHK! HEREarnold-terminator-almostdidnotstar

Man of Steel review: See my thoughts and share your own in the comment section. Join the conversation of what did and didn’t work in Man of Steel. HEREMAN OF STEEL

Checking Out The Happy-Haps: Need to visit some of these other blogger’s pages with some really great articles. Don’t miss out on the fun. HERE.Fogs'HappyHap


That’s what’s going on here. Don’t skip a beat.

Thanks for reading. Happy watching.

T, TheFocusedFilmographer

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