After these messages…

…I’ll be right back! 😀

My work schedule over the next few days finds me traveling and in training for several hours and with limited internet access.pacific

That being the case, I am taking a mini-break. This week, there will be no posts until “TrailerTimeThursday!” on…well, Thursday!Triple-T

Random, but, did you see the How It Should Have Ended video for Fast & Furious 6? haha, enjoy (but only if you’ve actually already seen the movie. Avoid spoilers.)

Those videos are always fun!

So…I just wanted you to know what was happening with your amazing FocusedFilmographer’s posts and apologize for any inconvenience. Don’t cry! 😀orc

I’ll be back soon. Enjoy some good movies this week. You all need to go see Pacific Rim over and over again! (Read my review for some extra reasons why.)cancel

In the meantime, stay tuned to the Facebook fan page and/or the Twitter page as I will be updating all movie news, photos and announcements that come my way via Facebook and Twitter. Not a fan already on Facebook or Twitter?

Follow at or @FilmsWith_T.

Thanks for staying tuned. Have a great week, and…go see Pacific Rim!

T, The Focused Filmographer


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