New Posters of the Week (8/2/13)

Happy Friday! It is time, once again, to check out all of the…

As you know I love checking out and collecting movie posters! With teases of what to expect from the featured film, posters are one of my favorite parts of the whole cinematic experience. If you love movie posters like I do, then you are likely to enjoy the latest ones of the week!

It’s that time again, and, as usual my friend, Bubbawheat (from Flights, Tights and Movie Nights) and I both share our thoughts on the movie posters recently released. These silent movie promoters are the results of the creative brainstorming of some talented (most of them) artists and sometimes can be even more thrilling than the movie they are advertising. Take a look at this week’s batch: (To view the fullscreen slideshow, click on any one of the posters below and scroll through with the arrow keys.)



Well after a great week last week in posters, this week we only get a few winners. Some posters that I, at first, thought would be pretty neat turned out (upon closer inspection) to be rather dull. For example, The Wolverine poster is annoying. Why? It slashes the picture and offsets the images which is a little weird but passable. The main reason for my being annoyed…only TWO slash marks. If the poster celebrates the hero with 3 claws…then they could’ve added a third slash mark and tie it all together nicely. Weak Sauce!

And why are all of the characters in paradise poster looking away from us?

Instead of going on about some of the other annoyances and/or disappoints (The Butler, Free Birds, Paranoia, Escape Plan, etc), let me share with you my thoughts on the good ones. Haunter– look closely again at the poster and realize that the scene is locked inside of a mason-type jar. No escape. Creepy and well-done although Breslin’s eyes are distracting. Lone Survivor is smart and the subtly of showing the lone eye…so much is told through that eye. The Captain Phillips posters are rather moving, but the one with Tom Hanks starring at the gun is gripping to be sure! I can’t wait to see that one. Thor: The Dark World is quite the collage of teases. I like that more characters get a bit of the spotlight as it were. (Yay, Sif!) And the IMAX poster for Gravity…well, it’s just plain smart. Simple sometimes truly is best!

My faves of the week: Captain PhillipsHaunter and Gravity.T picks



There are much fewer good posters like there were last week, but I did quite like Gravity and how it does its best to convey the vastness of space, I’m really looking forward to that movie. I agree with you on Haunter, that poster looks quite impressive and Abigail Breslin is getting old, how long has it been since Signs? I disagree with you on The Butler, I think the handwritten look of the names helps tie it all together. And finally, Thor: The Dark World‘s new poster reminds me a little of those old Frank Frazetta Conan fantasy posters with the woman clinging onto Conan, only this time with much more clothing.

Of course there’s also plenty of stinkers, starting with the ugly turkeys that look naked in my opinion. I also dislike the whitewashed Escape Plan poster and the style of the Newlyweeds. I also completely agree with you on Paradise it’s really off putting though I wasn’t bothered as much by the two slashes on The Wolverine poster since the rest of it looked fairly decent.

My faves of the week: Gravity, Thor: The Dark World, and Haunter.N picks

Well, what do YOU think? Which ones are your favorites in this spotlight? Which ones do you like/hate and why? Leave a comment! 🙂

To see past editions of this post (Spotlight on New Posters of the Week), click HERE. Posters courtesy ImpAwards, Collider and additional sources (visit them to see more like these).

Special thanks to Bubbawheat of Flights, Tights and Movie Nights for joining me today in sharing the New Posters of the Week.

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. So the Hemsworth brothers make up for the WORST posters of the week?? That THOR poster is horrid, but don’t even get me started w/ the über clichéd Paranoia, ugh. That first Captain Philips one w/ the side of the boat is cool.


  2. Thor’s all right. Not terrific, but all right.

    I’m glad you pointed out the mason jar on Haunter; I hadn’t noticed it, and it really helps to tie the whole thing together.

    Gravity is definitely the best one of the week.


    • It took me a few times looking at Haunter to understand that. It impressed me afterwards.

      Thank you for chiming in. Sorry for my delayed response. I am glad to know that there are readers who really do enjoy seeing the new posters of the week.


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