Countdown to the White Sands International Film Festival

Greetings all.

As you may recall, the White Sands International Film Festival is about to be underway. Scheduled to run from September 4 through September 8.wsiff

If the White Sands International Film Festival is new to you, here’s what the exciting film exhibition venue is all about:

The White Sands International Film Festival (WSIFF) is dedicated to bringing independent filmmakers and audiences together under the gorgeous backdrop of Southern New Mexico. WSIFF screens outstanding short- and feature-length films, documentaries and narratives of all genres from around the world, while promoting the local film industry and developing lasting relationships within the international film community.
Inaugurated in Alamogordo, New Mexico, the WSIFF was created to generate interest in and recognition for independent filmmaking. The growing festival moved to nearby Las Cruces in 2009 to access larger venues and theaters. 
WSIFF is interested in independent films with contemporary issues that celebrate the human spirit by depicting stories with quality writing, acting and direction. We hope to see you at this unique, intimate and exciting festival in the Land of Enchantment!


A lot has happened since the initial announcement in May that would be the official blog page for the WSIFF. The film schedule has been posted, along with multiple corresponding trailers and posters, and the Facebook page is in full swing of making regular announcements in hyping up the coming festivities.wsiffFB

Here are some highlights to know and get ready for the upcoming Festival that begins exactly a month from today!

  • Workshops have been announced and tickets will be on sale SOON.
    • Including a workshop to be held by Hollywood actor Christopher McDonald (known for his range of roles in films such as Requiem for a Dream, Happy Gilmore, Lemonade Mouth, Thelma & Louise and more). For more details on the workshops and how to attend, click HERE.christopher mcdonald
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award winner for 2013, Lou Diamond Phillips will be present to receive his award and his films Stand & Deliver, La Bamba and Sanitarium are all expected to be shown. Don’t miss them.lou-diamond-phillips
  • The first ever 48-Hour Film Frenzy.
    • Challenge for filmmakers to write, shoot and edit a film in 48 hours; receive official award recognition at WSIFF; and earn a $300 grand prize. The contest entrance deadline is August 31 with an entry fee of $30. For more details, click HERE.48hr
  • The entire film schedule has been released for the days of the festival (Sept 4-Sept 8) “packed with some of the most engaging, amazing and intriguing features, short films and documentaries anywhere!” For full schedule and trailers, click HERE.
    • Over the next few days and weeks, be sure to keep a lookout for my reviews on several of the film submissions of the festival as I have already begun screening the films to help give additional guidance in deciding which films you want to see. (Every post will be accessible via the WSIFF coverage page HERE)

The White Sands International Film Festival gives awards in the following categories:

  • Best Student Short
  • Best Narrative Short
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Director
  • Audience Choice
  • Grand Jury Prize
  • The opening night premiere film is the anticipated Roswell FM, which has already received plenty of attention and will be showing that Wednesday evening.


  • Synopsis:

The only “normal” guy at a paranormal talk radio station quits his dream profession and takes a higher paying, but soul crushing job, to pay for his oddball nephew’s college tuition. 


Plenty coming in the next 4-5 weeks here at in preparation for the White Sands International Film Festival. Stay keyed in here (Click the tab at the top of the screen entitled “2013 White Sands International Film Festival Coverage” for quick links to every post about WSIFF including reviews, interviews, spotlights and more). OR, you can visit WSIFF.COM and click the link that will take you straight to all of my coverage of the festival.wsiffTFF

Plenty more to come! Very exciting times. So many great films to watch and so many great efforts from plenty of talented filmmakers and enthusiasts. Don’t miss a beat and we’ll see you soon! Please be sure to keep a lookout in the Thursday editions of THE PULSE in the Sun News for extended segments of “Terrence’s Take” that focus on the WSIFF.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


Terrence Faulkner a.k.a. TheFocusedFilmographer

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