Movie News Monday for August 5, 2013.

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Movie News Monday!” (“MNM!”) 

What is ‘MNM’ all about?

In case this is your first time here, “Movie News Monday!” (MNM) is the place to visit every Monday for a quick recap of trending entertainment news! I’ve collected info, rumors, etc from all over just for you to keep you updated on movies being released, actors/actresses in roles, dvd releases to keep a lookout for, which movie won in the box office over the weekend, etc! Are you ready for your weekly update? Here it is!monday

This Just In!!…

#1- “The Weekend Winner.”  Last weekend, wide new releases entered the Top Ten of the box office arena an took a mediocre stab at The Wolverine in competing for top honors. The Smurfs ended up rather blue as the didn’t have what it took to be #1, but they did take out the yellow minions of Despicable Me 2The Conjuring finally passed the $100M mark over the weekend and The Wolverine will undoubtedly pass it before the weekend begins.

This past weekend also saw the dismissal of R.I.P.D. from the Top Ten while Pacific Rim held on barely for one final hurrah.

Here are the weekend’s estimated results for Fri, Aug 2-Sun, Aug 4:

  1. 2 Guns ~$27.4M
  2. The Wolverine ~$21.7M
  3. The Smurfs 2 ~$18.2M
  4. The Conjuring ~$13.7M
  5. Despicable Me 2 ~$10.4M
  6. Grown Ups 2 ~$8.1M
  7. Turbo ~$6.4M
  8. RED 2 ~$5.7M
  9. The Heat ~$4.7M
  10. Pacific Rim ~$4.6M

*Actuals may vary as earnings are updated much later on Monday afternoons. For updates, visit

Congratulations to 2 Guns (My Review).2 guns

What did YOU watch this weekend?

#2- “Avatar…again.” Everyone remembers Avatar, the Painted-Blue-Pocahontas story that James Cameron shared back in 2009. Groundbreakingly gorgeous, especially in 3D, I liked watching it…once…and tended to roll my eyes on any news of upcoming sequels. What would happen next? Would Neytiri go back to Earth and marry a descendant of John Rolfe, live in England and never return to Pandora again?avatar

Well, it looks like you will finally get the chance to find out. All of the rumors of Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 and of James Cameron committing to nothing else now except Avatar continuations bring more speculation and news.

Director James Cameron has stated now that there will be a total of THREE more Avatar films with the very next one scheduled to release in December 2016 followed by part 3 in December 2017 and part 4 in December 2018. (The whole “Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit” style. Coincidentally, the continuations are to be filmed in the same New Zealand studios as where Peter Jackson filmed The Hobbit films.)james-cameron-avatar

Cameron just hired Josh Friedman to complete the screenplay for Avatar 2. Friedman created the Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and will also be working on the script for part 3. Let’s just hope he doesn’t hire Ben Stiller. 😉Ben-Stiller-2010-Oscars-Avatar-Spoof-ben-stiller-10797409-1222-757

I have a feeling that the Avatar franchise will meet the same doom as The Matrix franchise: Groundbreaking and stunning effects in the first one that were not as astounding or captivating in the sequels due to the time lapse between parts 1 and 2 in which multiple movies saturated audiences with amazing visuals and stories leaving nothing left to surprise and awe audiences.

Time will tell, but the only Pandora I’m really interested in at this point, is the one that lets me stream the music I want!

Are you ready for more Avatar?

#3- “Bourne Again Another bit of sequel news takes us into the world of spies, in particular, Aaron Cross, who was the subject of last year’s manhunt sequel The Bourne Legacy that bombed at the box office in comparison to previous installments of the Bourne franchise.The-Bourne-Legacy-1

Will Universal find salvation for the Bourne franchise with Anthony Peckham writing the script? Peckham, who wrote the screenplay for Sherlock Holmes, has been hired to continue Cross’ story and will most likely do so without including the title character, Jason Bourne, in it, as Matt Damon is reluctant to reprise the role.

These Bourne continuations hurt themselves by the attachment the name implies. Damon’s Jason Bourne is a big part of what made the Bourne films great. You may recall in my review of Bourne Legacy (click HERE) that I stated it would be better as an independent series and thus be allowed to grow as such and not be as forgettable. We’ll see what the next installment brings. Renner is set to return, but no news yet on whether or not Rachel Weisz or Edward Norton will be a part of Bourne again.Film Title: The Bourne Legacy

What do you think of this continuation? 

#4- “Ellen’s Second Date with Oscar.” Comedian and philanthropist Ellen DeGeneres has agreed to be the host of the Oscars for a second time and will be hosting the most-watched film awards ceremony on March 2, 2014 when the 86th Academy Awards ceremony airs on ABC.ellen

Ellen hosted back in 2007 for the 70th Academy Awards and earned a Primetime Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety or Music Program” as a result of her entertaining efforts as host of the Oscars.ellen-oscar

Congratulations to her and it will be interesting to see how the awards go this next time around

Is Ellen perfect for the part? Who else would you like to see host the Oscars? 

#5- “This Week’s Blu-ray release.” This week, look for the following films on Blu-ray to possibly add to your collection:

MUD– Starring Matthew McConaughey (one of my favorite actors as of late), this film made it into my Top Ten faves of the year so far and is the only 2013 release to receive a PERFECT score from me up to this point. A story of two young boys and their encounter with a fugitive who needs their help in order to reunite with his one true love. This film contains great performances from not only McConaughey, but also Reese Witherspoon, Sam Shepherd, Michael Shannon, Tye Sheridan and more. Do not miss it. Read my full review HERE.mud

Several other films also release this week. Check it out!

Also releasing:

  • Oblivion (My review HERE)
  • The Place Beyond The Pines
  • On The Road
  • Disney’s Robin Hood and Sword & the Stone
  • …and more.

Which will you pick up?

***Announcing a new segment of ‘MNM’: I don’t get to review everything I watch. That being the case you don’t get an idea of my thoughts on some of the movies I check out for you that you may be interested in. At the bottom of ‘MNM’ I will attempt to, each week, post the films I DID watch over the week and (if you care to know my thoughts) if you ask about them in the comment section, I will share my feelings toward the film in question.

This week’s WEEKLY WATCHES were:weeklywatches

  1. Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox
  2. Sharknado
  3. Byzantium
  4. We Need To Talk About Kevin
  5. 2 Guns
  6. The Fifth Element (rewatch)
  7. Rush Hour (rewatch)

Tell me, what did YOU watch this week?


Well, that’s it for this round of “Movie News Monday!”

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

up next: “Time to Vote Tuesday!”


  1. Getting Sword and Stone and Robin Hood for my disney collection. I didn’t like Oblivion enough to buy.

    I’m interested in Avatar 2, even if you aren’t. I’d like to see where they go from here.

    I’m cool with Ellen hosting again.


    • Yeah, I’m with you on Oblivion man.

      If I had never watch Avatar before and was new to it, what would you tell me about it that you loved that might make me want to see it and future installments? (I’m curious in order to help me look at the film from a different perspective.)


      • I love the exploration of the alien world, going deeper and deeper into the jungle and also into the culture. I like the idea of this character living in two different bodies at once. I also think it just looks great and has some exciting action set pieces.


  2. Maybe I’ll get Disney upgrade for Robin Hood and Sword in the Stone but I’m extremely looking forward to The Little Mermaid vault release. I believe thats soon also 🙂
    OH and Mud is finally out! I’m really looking forward to seeing that so eventually I will..once I decrease my unwatched pile, no more space to put anymore new ones….
    And love the choice of Ellen as host of Oscars! Should be fun!


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