#WSIFF: Trailer Spotlights


The White Sands International Film Festival is here. Over the past couple of months, reviews have posted here for you to help you choose which ones you just HAVE to see over the duration of the festival. To read any and all of my spoiler-free reviews click HERE.

As the official blogger for WSIFF, it has been my pleasure to review and spotlight several films. With so many films still left to be seen and reviewed by myself (I will be posting more numerous reviews over the next few days), I wanted to at least post some of the trailers for films that, up to this point, have not been spotlighted on this site. Below you will find several trailers (some do contain language not intended for children, FYI) that may also help you choose your cinematic path of festival film viewing over the next few days.wsiff

Enjoy and see you there!

Ritz and Spitz 

The Charon Incident


Rose, Mary & Time


The Chile Film

The Painted Girl

Subterranean Love

Moments Like These


The Opposite of Solitude

Winter Storm

Just 45 Minutes from Broadway

Paper People

Chasing Moonflowers

Reality Show

Want to see a particular one seen here? Tell me which one(s) in the comment section. For the full schedule to know when any and all films are playing at WSIFF, click HERE.

Thanks for reading! Happy watching.

Terrence Faulkner, a.k.a. “TheFocusedFilmographer”

***Remember: For my full coverage and listing of all films reviewed, movie spotlights, photos, interviews and more, be sure to click (and visit often) the tab at the top of the screen entitled “2013 White Sands International Film Festival Coverage” for quick links to every post about WSIFF. OR, you can visit WSIFF.COM and click the link referring you to the “Official Blogger for 2013 WSIFF.”wsiffblogger


  1. Thanks for including our short “Moments Like These” in your Trailer Spotlights! I wasn’t sure why the titles above the trailers are different colors. Is red hot and blue cold? Also wasn’t sure why there are reviews of other movies but not all that are in this Trailer Spotlights section. Sorry if I missed something. Thanks!


    • Thank you for replying and congratulations on your film being an official selection at WSIFF!

      The trailers here are simply random choices to present a mix of what viewings would be available at WSIFF. The colors for this post are nothing more than that…colors. Just to mix up the monotony.

      The reason there aren’t any reviews for so many others is simple. There are over 80 films in the festival and I am only 1 person. I got to see only about 40 and write a review for about 25 of the films prior to the festival. More that I watched during the festival will have reviews and spotlights posted within the week. So many great films and so little time. I wish I had the opportunity to (1) see them all and (2) write about them all.

      Perhaps next year there will be a way. Congratulations to you once again and thank you for following the events here.


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