For Fun: IMDB, Change these photos!

There exists a website used around the world for fans and filmmakers to use when seeking movie and actor information, trailers, news, casting announcements, posters and more. And no, I’m not talking about 🙂 I’m talking about (I.M.D.B.: “Internet Movie DataBase”)imdb

While other sites exist that give even more information from Hollywood and abroad, IMDB is the most popular. With over 15 years of experience bringing movie-related information to fans and seekers of such news, IMDB continues to be a destination for spotlights of entertainment involving actors in the realm of movies, television and other such venues of entertainment.

IMDB is powered by a staff of dedicated enthusiasts along with thousands of contributors from all over the world. This being the case, sometimes information isn’t always 100% accurate.

(I will take this moment to refer to an embarrassing post on GeekTyrant that erroneously jumped the gun on a report stating the possibility of Morbius popping up in the movie The Avengers based on someone trolling The Avengers‘ IMDB cast/crew page listing “J.J. Perry as Vampire in Post-Credits Scene (uncredited)” (see HERE). That casting credit remained on IMDB for about a week before it was finally pulled. With that many hands in the pot, mistakes such as these are bound to occur. This post is not here to slam IMDB for minor mistakes such as those.)

Instead, this post is here to implore those who oversee the photo usage on IMDB to make some changes when it comes to the profile pictures of certain actors and/or directors. This post was inspired by a couple on my list that, when I noticed their profile picture, I couldn’t believe that was the chosen photo of use.

So, for your entertainment and consideration, I present (in no particular order):

“IMDB, Change these photos!” (some of the photos that I wish they would change)


  1. Charlie Hunnam: That bearded look is doing him no favors and while it may work on Sons of Anarchy, his acting careers is more than just that.
  2. Tom Hardy: This highschool yearbook looking photo for Bane? the cool accent guy in Inception? the MMA fighter in Warrior? the gruff older brother in Lawless? and the soon to be Sir Elton John in Rocketman? Really? Change it!
  3. Tom Cruise: The one photo of Tom Cruise that brings out his Owen Wilson-esque nose and Joker-esque grin. I’d much rather it be his couch-jumping photo from Oprah.
  4. Jonah Hill: Is this from a Drama 101 college class photo shoot. This Academy Award nominee deserves a better photo that shows off his lighter side for which he is better known for.
  5. Denzel Washington: for someone known for having one of the most symmetrical faces and handsomest smiles in all of Hollywood, IMDB chose a picture that accentuates neither? Come on!
  6. Hugo Weaving: I might venture to say that if you saw bearded Hugo walking on the streets you wouldn’t recognize him unless he spoke. The roles he is best known for have him clean-shaven. I’d prefer a photo as such.
  7. Ashton Kutcher: When was the last time Kutcher sported those locks of hair? In much need of an update this photo is.
  8. Ian McShane: One of my favorite actors in neat roles, but this photo looks nothing like him. Instead, it almost looks like Josh Brolin.
  9. Brian Cox: When I think of this thespian, I think of some of the roles he has been in. Roles of power and ambition. I’d prefer a photo that portrays that a bit more.
  10. Jean-Claude Van Damme: Come on. The mullet is long gone. So may JCVD’s glory days but cut him some slack.

Instead of all of those, use these:



  1. Jada Pinkett-Smith: The picture IMDB uses for Will Smith’s wife is just horrid. She is such a beauty and IMDB has kept this photo up for years.
  2. Natalie Portman: An old picture of the Academy Award winner without her classy smile. I’d like to see something more fitting.
  3. Rachel McAdams: One of the lesser flattering pictures of this rom-com cutie who is rarely blonde in her pics nowadays. Still, a lovely smile.
  4. Vera Farmiga: This actress’ photo has her looking about as lost as her career seems to be at times but this Oscar-nominated actress has been in better pictures.
  5. Helena Bonham Carter: Ironically, after seeing so many of her odd and outlandish hairstyles, one on her that is more “normal” in this photo just doesn’t suit her very well. Let’s try another.
  6. Keira Knightley: Usually her photos capture her with that open-mouthed stare, and, in this photo, I almost wish that was the case. A pretty picture, but if I were in charge of IMDB photos, I’d pick something else.
  7. Eva Green: Beautiful-eyed girl, Eva is the very beauty that captured the heart of one 007 as Vesper. I want a different picture.
  8. Reese Witherspoon: B&W photos are abundant on IMDB and some are better than others (like Channing Tatum‘s) and while Reese’s isn’t bad, I’d like to see one that brings out that certain light/sparkle in her eyes and smile.
  9. Linday Lohan: Ms. Lohan may not be the pinnacle of actresses in Hollywood, but she should still have a better photo. This one looks a bit worse than some of the ones TMZ has taken on nights of her drunken debacles. There isn’t much in terms of improvement but there are a few photos that would be better.
  10. Gemma Arterton: This dark-haired beauty looks a little “under the influence” in this photo and this photo does her very little favor with that half smile/smirk.

Instead of all of those, use these:

Now, I realize that some photos can’t be used on IMDB due to permissions, etc. but they can at least change them to something other than the bad ones! IMDB, change these photos! 🙂

What do you think? Are there some photos on IMDB that make you scratch your head wondering why they used that one? Does it even matter? Am I wrong with some of my choices? Indulge and humor me. Share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

-T, The Focused Filmographer


  1. You know what’s funny, I hardly notice celebrity photos on that site, I only use it look up certain things about films. But yeah I think some of those photos should be updated.

    Also, I think people can’t take IMDB’s information to heart, I actually corrected a bunch of information in the trivia section on a few movies. For example, someone wrote in the trivia section of Tim Burton’s Batman that Robin Williams was so mad at Warner Bros. for using him as bait to get Jack Nicholson to play The Joker that he refuse to work with them until 2002 when he starred in Nolan’s Insomnia remake. Of course that’s BS, Williams actually starred in two movies for Warner Bros. years before Insomnia came out.


  2. Good stuff! I think I agree on literally 99% of them here, all except Lindsay Lohan. I actually think her current photo is incredibly misleading as well, but only so far as that she actually looks pretty hot in that one photo. I agree that in order to seem more up-to-date, the pic should be what you selected. Because, really, well. . . it is Lindsay Lohan after all. 🙂


  3. Awesome post T, yeah I think your suggestions is a lot better though I actually quite like Natalie’s photo as she looks so beautiful even without the smile. At least she’s not frowning. But nice one on Bane er I mean Hardy, he looks SO hunky in your version. Sorry but I’m not fond of Hugo Weaving’s pic though, it made his forehead even more ginormous! How about this one? Yes I know he has a big forehead but at least the angle here doesn’t accentuate it more, ahah.


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