Happy Birthday, Scarlett Johansson!

scarlettJohanssonChairToday, November 22, is the birthday of my “movie-wife” SCARLETT JOHANSSON. Widely regarded as one of THE most gorgeous and sexiest women in Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson celebrates her 29th birthday today!scarlett-bday-today

In honor of her birthday today (and my proclaimed neverending adoration and appreciation of her and her beauty), here is a birthday poem I wrote up for her on this special day.

Happy Birthday dear Scarlett,Gorgeous-Model-Scarlett-Johansson

Born this day with your twin brotherTwins Scarlet

Here’s a poem, and to start itscarlett21

A picture better than almost any other.scarlett3

While some may not appreciate your acting roles,

(to them I say “Shame on you! Shame!)

it has always been one of my goalsscarlett22

to meet this girl with such a memorable name.Scarlett and I

And when we finally did you looked just like this

And I was glad to have seen you thereavengerrad412201219

We served with other heroes protecting the Earthla-et-avengers

On a helicarrier high in the air.here I am

Hair either red or black or blonde or brownhair

I always watch all of your movies.

Having collected almost all that are aroundgorgeous scarlett

I’ve seen more than your “would-be” groupies.gorgeousscarlett

Born in the year of 1984scarlett-post-1321906411

You’ve starred in several favorite films and more.scarlett-johansson-the-island_480x270

From The Avengers to The Prestige to Lost in Translationscarlett-johansson-lost-in-translation

You’ve always been able to rise to the occasion.

Directed by Allen and Whedon and Nolan

Your career keeps on movin’…and rollin’ and rollin’.

Continue to work and grace theater screensScarlett-Johansson---Tony-006

and TVs with your presenceScarlett-Johansson-leno

The media loves to make memesmeme

They may be jealous of your essencescarlett

So, happy birthday, dear Scarlett

And keep the party rockin’don-jon-scarlett-club-600-370

Perhaps one day we’ll meet againscarlett11

and your scorners we’ll spend time mockin’!

The end.

haha. It’s no secret that I’ve had a big crush on Scarlett for many years (calling her my “movie wife”), and through those years I’ve had to watch other people embrace and/or kiss her instead of me! LOL. So, just for fun, Scarlett, here’s a list of all the people you have managed to make me temporarily hate, be jealous of, or wish that I was in the place of at one point or another (click any name below for picture):

Sexiest Woman Alive…twice!

Born in Manhattan.Scarlett Johansson2-20130715-4

Acting since the age of 9.scarlett_johansson

Music enthusiast (fan of Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday and more), with her own albums out.

…and also was Katy Perry’s inspiration for the song “I kissed a girl and I liked it.”katyperry

Auditioned for the lead in The Parent Trap that went to Lindsay Lohan. (???)parenttrap

Had her first role (uncredited) in a skit at the age of 8 with Conan O’Brien. Relived in 2005.

(Such a fun video)

Active supporter in politics and has campaigned for politicians such as John Kerry and Barack Obama. Interestingly enough, she was born on the 21st anniversary of the assassination of JFK.Democratic ConventionA very talented actress who is continuing her fantastic career.

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I applaud her efforts, her vocation, her beauty and her dedication and always enjoy her films and her characters in them.

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Happy birthday, Scarlett Johansson. One of the prettiest women in Hollywood. Enjoy your birthday today!scarlett0


T, The Focused Filmographer. 🙂fbsharescarlett


  1. WOOOW, sooo many photos, ahahaha. She is beautiful and I like the fact that she’s not the typical rail thin girls and she’s got spunk! I forgot that she’s got a twin brother, very interesting! Well I’m seeing HER tomorrow, I’m sure YOU would love an operating system with her voice, don’t you? 😉


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