2014 White Sands International Film Festival Coverage


As the official blog for the 2014 White Sands International Film Festival, this page was created to provide quick links to each post dedicated solely to the events of the festival scheduled to take place from September 3, 2014 to September 7, 2014. (Visit the official WSIFF page at http://www.wsiff.com.)wsiff2014


Several pages ranging from film spotlights, reviews of film submissions, interviews and more will post before, during and after the festival. Visit here and visit often for continual updates and links for the exciting event! (Click each link in gold in order to read the post.)

White Sands International Film Festival Posts

General posts:

  1. Welcome to Festival Week (September 1, 2014)
  2. Trailer Spotlight (September 2, 2014)

Film Submission reviews:

[Disclaimer– reviews are solely and independently my own opinion and do not reflect the opinions of the WSIFF board, judges, participants and viewers (or anyone else for that matter).]

Reviews are scored on a 5-star system celebrating the following:

  • Original story/Presentation
  • Acting/Authentic Characters
  • Cinematography/Audio/Special Effects
  • Look & Feel/Storytelling
  • Entertainment/Unpredictability

Workshops and Seminars:


Opening Night Feature Film: “The Odd Way Home”odd-way

“Odd Way Home” was chosen as the opening night film for 2014 WSIFF. It was directed by Rajeev Nirmalakhandan, a professor at NMSU’s Creative Media Institute who co-wrote it with Jason Ronstadt. The film stars Rumer Willis, Chris Marquette, Brandan Sexton III, Veronica Cartwright and Bruce Altman.

Click any title below for its respective review once it becomes available:

  1. 5 Ways 2 Die [short]
  2. Aviva’s Winter [short]
  3. Blind [short]
  4. Box of Sound [documentary]
  5. Brooklyn Unemployed [feature]
  6. Buffalo [short]
  7. Butterfly Fluttering [short]
  8. Dandelion Dreams [short]
  9. Dogonauts: Enemy Line [short]
  10. Dollar Night [short]
  11. Downton by Lamplight [documentary/short]
  12. Extending the Play [documentary]
  13. Fantasy, The [short]
  14. Franky and the Ant [short]
  15. Gasp [feature]
  16. I M Possible [short]
  17. Kosmikophobia [short]
  18. Lies I Told My Little Sister [feature]
  19. Molly [short]
  20. Moses on the Mesa [short]
  21. No Love Lost [short]
  22. Odd Way Home, The [feature]
  23. One Armed Man [short]
  24. Undercover [short]
  25. …Coming soon: More reviews…

Thanks for reading! Happy watching.wsiff2014

Terrence Faulkner, a.k.a. “TheFocusedFilmographer”


  1. Pretty sure I might end up annoying one or more people with what I got to say about the films that ended up winning the awards. I’ll say congratulations to the winners even though I don’t think One Armed Man, Universal Language or Moses on Mesa deserved the awards they got given. Now I may not know anything about making movies or writing them but I got a pretty strong sense of whats good. For my money, DOLLAR NIGHT and NO LOVE LOST were the two stand out films in all the short films. There was nothing original or new about the winning films. Dollar Night and No Love Lost had real originality in style and cinema. No Love Lost shook things up and had me on the edge of my seat. Dollar Night was emotionally a period piece and far out better than One Armed Man or Moses on the Mesa. It’s a shame to think that in it’s tenth year the WSIFF could not choose to have a more international jury rather than a national jury to reflect its status as an International Film Festival.


    • Thank you for reading and commenting. And for attending the festival. This year’s selection of films was a different mix than years past. I myself did end up wishing that a few more films did receive more recognition than they received. The thing about movies is that they are received differently by all the viewers. That’s the beauty of it too. I didn’t get to watch all of the selected winners, but I was rooting for several other choices myself. Ultimately I am very glad to have had the opportunity to see so many different independent films this year and will carry the gems I found in my memory!


      • Thanks for your remarks Focused Filmographer. I would like to add a couple of more cents worth – I feel that WSIFF should recognise ‘Dollar Night’ and ‘No Love Lost’ in some strong way. Neither film has left my mind and I have tried hard to find flaws when comparing them to the run of the mill winner ‘Universal Language’. Just can’t help thinking both of those films and their filmmakers were snubbed.


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