“It’s Time to Vote Tuesday” 169!

Today is Tuesday! And you know what that means! It is time for TIME TO VOTE TUESDAY!

For most people Tuesday is just the day after Monday, but for you it means that “Time to Vote Tuesday” is here!!

“Time to Vote Tuesday” is the session of fun weekly polls which spark thought, debate, and intrigue! Each poll closes in a week with results posted on the following ‘TVT’!

The last TVT poll from March 25 has now closed (see it HERE). Entitled “In Your World…” it asked which Hollywood actor would you want to narrate YOUR life. The votes are in and the winner (by ONE vote) is:Morgan Freeman

Thanks to all who voted in the previous “Time to Vote Tuesday!”


This week’s edition of ‘TVT’ entitled “Hollywood Houdinis” takes the time to consider those who have disappeared from the big screen. Every so often we hear of an actor and ask “Whatever happened to him or her?” after realizing we haven’t seen them in anything (or anything GOOD) in years! For example: When was the last time anyone saw Freddie Prinze Jr. in anything?scooby

Sometimes actors take breaks because they retire (i.e. Gene Hackman, Sean Connery, etc), some take breaks because they seek out other ventures such as music or fashion or simply embarrassing themselves regularly in the nightscene of Hollywood (i.e. Lindsay Lohan), some take breaks because they need a vacation or other personal reasons, and sometimes, certain actors SHOULD take breaks! haha.cage

Today’s poll focuses not on those actors that have disappeared due to retirement, nor does it focus on some of the major celebrities such as Jack Nicholson (who has disappeared to a degree but is currently seeking his next role). Today’s poll asks about some disappeared actors who we really haven’t seen or heard from for quite some time.

Who from the poll below would you like to see return to the big screen? Pick two (2) from the following actors! 🙂

Today I ask you:


As an additional question: What type of movie/role would you like to see your pick(s) in? Leave your choice in the comment section and share. Or perhaps you prefer to see NONE of the options above return…tell us your reasons! 🙂


Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. YAY, TVT is back!! Great topic here man. I voted for Meg Ryan and Brendan Fraser. Boy both of them were huge in the 90s. I wish they’d have a strong comeback role as both are so talented.


    • Thanks for voting, Ruth. I missed TVT and am glad to see some familiar faces back voting.

      I really wish Fraser would do more solid stuff. I mean, some of his stuff was just silly, but he had some solid stuff and he has just dropped away.


  2. Hi, Terrance:

    Meg Ryan got my vote. I was reminded of her subtle comedic talents watching her, Kevin Klins and Jean Reno in Lawrence Kasdan’s French Kiss earlier this week . Also wouldn’t mind seeing Sarah Michelle Geller back again.


  3. I’m going to go slightly controversial and say Joe Pesci (not controversial, the guy is incredible) and Brendan Fraser. I think Pesci in a serious drama where he gets to demonstrate how terrifying he is in both Casino and especially Gooodfellas. Brendan Fraser in a decent comedy or even action hero role. I think Fraser haas potential we never really got to see.


    • Poor Brendan. I really want to see him back. You know what role of his really did something for me? Believe it or not it was his character in the tv show Scrubs! Good stuff. I’d like to see him come back and do something pertinent.


      • As i wrote my comment I was thinking about that. I think he can do the smaller, more emotional roles well. He is a funny guy too. Needs to pick his movies better, stay away from anything involving angry animals!


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