Triple-Feature Reviews: “The Other Woman” & “Brick Mansions” & “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

Greetings all,

Today, here are three quick mini-reviews for:

  1. The Other Woman 
  2. Brick Mansions 
  3. The Grand Budapest Hotel

Enjoy! 🙂


The Other Womanother_woman_ver2

Directed by: Nick Cassavetes (John Q, The Notebook)

Starring: Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton [Rated PG-13 for thematic material, sexual references and language]


A trifecta of beauty, brains and batty…The Other Woman is a fun romantic comedy that is silly and extreme (necessarily) yet fun because it is overboard yet ostentatiously relatable or plausible simultaneously. A pathological cheating liar is caught in his own lie and the trap is set to make him pay for it 3-fold! While the plot takes an unusual amount of time to be put in motion, the path along the way is, at times, annoying, yet entertaining.

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A few sub-plots add predictable film fluff but create more cause for laughter and satisfaction as the story comes full circle. It may have several unnecessary parts but they add up to the whole so much that you don’t really mind. Its acceptable primary cast is fit for their roles along with a tolerable supporting cast (Kate Upton…and arguably Nicki Minaj). The Other Woman is comedy that exceeded my initial expectations and is one of the better female-led comedies released in recent years.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5 stars for The Other Woman

Brick Mansionsbrick_mansions

Directed by: Camille Delamarre (Transporter 3 [editor])

Starring: Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA [Rated PG-13 for violence and language]


Anytime you see RZA attached to a movie project, it’s usually a sign…the “R” in RZA stands for “Run Away!” Is there anyone running to his defense for his role in Man with the Iron Fists or G.I. Joe: Retaliation?…anyone? I thought not. Let’s face it, most people flock to this film because of it being Paul Walker’s final completed film. And, as is true to form for most actors who unfortunately leave us prematurely, his final completed film is not very good at all, respectively.

Parkour, Police and Politics don’t mix and this film…written by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, District B13, The Transporter)…is proof of that. With so many elements that seemingly are borrowed from Walker’s more famous franchise (Fast & Furious), this film neither stands on its own as original and instead is just a badly put together mix of so many others and is only interesting for the camera angle work during the fast moving parkour.

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Undercover cops, drug bosses, questionable politicians, fast car races, and plenty of non-convincing villains and foreseeable plot twists given away from the very beginning, Brick Mansions takes place in Detroit and is both boring and boringly predictable. I wanted my money back…and I saw it for free! Can we please give the people of Detroit a better film?

My Score 1 out of 5 stars for Brick Mansions


The Grand Budapest Hotel

Directed by: Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom, The Fantastic Mr. Fox)

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Mathieu Amalric and more. [Rated R for language, some violence and some sexual references]


Before I began my website Wes Anderson was not on my radar, but now I have come to appreciate the style and recognizable work of Mr. Anderson. Having absolutely LOVED Moonrise Kingdom, I was delighted during my stay at The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Some love Anderson’s style while others do not. I believe that viewers on both sides of the fence can enjoy this one not just because of the style or the impressive cast that Anderson employs to tell this story, but because of how enchanting the story itself is and the way in which it is told. A story of a hotel owner who, just as his grand hotel, has quite the grandiose tale to share and is made all the more beautiful by doing so. Anderson is just so smart in his storytelling here and how every bit ties together…the impressively timed comedy, the unexpected events, the use of colors and even more colorful characters, the exercising of suspense and intrigue, the mystery unfolding, the included wonderful use and re-use of certain gimmicks, lines and sequences…it makes this film such a great experience. To top off the great experience, Anderson craftily ties in the beginning to the end and gifts a great sense of closure to the viewer by the time the credits roll.

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If you are a fan of well-done storytelling full of identifiable characters and interweaving stories that combine together for one of the better and most unforgettable films of the year, then you need to book a room at The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Grab a key and stay a while at the Grand Budapest Hotel. You will endear yourself to its history, its guests and its owner and you will want to revisit it again and again.

My Score 4.5 out of 5 stars for The Grand Budapest Hotel


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Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

T, The Focused Filmographer

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  1. Very cool threesome. I can’t see myself seeing The Other Woman. It was one of my Spring Movie flushers. Brick Mansions looked hideous. And I was one of the only people on planet earth that was disappointed with Grand Budapest. It’s certainly not a bad movie but my expectations were so high. Unfortunately I didn’t find it that particularly funny or cohesive. I also didn’t think it had that deeper emotional thread that most of Wes Anderson’s movies have.


    • Hey Keith. Thanks for reading. I was surprised by how I enjoyed the other woman…I actually saw it twice. Haha. Brick Mansions is hideous. Interesting take on Grand Budapest Hotel. I found the emotion to be exactly what I wanted and it was tied in for me quite satisfactorily come the end. I look forward to seeing it again. I really want you to see The Other Woman now hahaha


  2. Great reviews T. I skipped The Other Woman (my wife and the oldest one went to that) and went to see Spiderman 2 instead. Don’t feel I missed out on anything. Shame that Brick Mansions isn’t good, but to be honest when I saw RZA was in it I already started to worry, have not been impressed by his acting.

    As for Budapest Hotel, I also love that film. Already seen it twice at the cinema.


    • RZA is a good reason to start to worry! ha. I’m so glad you loved Budapest Hotel as much as I did…if not more as you saw it twice…I want to go see it again before it leaves. It took forever to come to my city. Thanks for commenting.

      How did your wife and oldest one enjoy The Other Woman?


  3. My wife wants to see The Other Woman…but I think we’ll wait for the DVD 😛

    I find it funny that people are surprised that a Paul Walker film sucked. It isn’t because it was his last film, it’s because he was a sucky actor and picked bad films to star in 😛 No disrespect to him, but he was never a talented actor. He was just good looking. Look at Gandolfini’s last film, for which he was nearly nominated for an Oscar. Look at Hoffman’s output for this year. His films and his performances look VERY good. They were good actors though, so there is the difference.

    But Brick Mansions looks kind of like trashy fun, so I may watch it in four years when it plays on FX.

    Budapest was hilarious, and I’m so glad to find a fellow Moonrise lover! Anderson is an acquired taste, but his recent output (this, Moonrise and Fantastic Mr. Fox) are just sublime! He’s at the top of his game, for sure.


    • The Other Woman is not the best movie but I couldn’t help but laugh at so many parts!

      Good point on Walker’s films. He wasn’t in too many good ones. It’s true. and Brick Mansions is TOTALLY an FX movie! hahaha

      Moonrise Kingdom-ers Unite!!


  4. I’ll catch Grand Budapest Hotel for Fiennes, Adrien Brody looks hilarious in the role as well. Ah, Jaime Lannister…I may see The Other Woman for him. I heard he is really good in that, all things considered.


  5. Hi, Terrence:

    Hoping that Joseph Liebesman fares better than his Battle:Los Angeles, which I like. And his starter, The Killing Room , which I’ll be critiquing for Michal next week. With his Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Anna looks line Patrick Swayze’s decades old Mindscape mixed into a great big batch of Paranormal Activity.


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