The Focused Filmographer 4-Year Celebration & Give-away!


Every year that passes, I end up thinking: “Who would’ve ever thought that my site would have gone on this many years?” ha. Four years ago today (May 25, 2010) I timidly started this blog with some poorly written reviews (don’t go back and read them haha) and entered into this “blogosphere” and it has been such a great journey.

Four years! That’s a cool trilogy plus ONE!trilogy

A few things that stand out:

  • The annual Presidential poll remains the most popular poll each year where the political parties of DC and Marvel go up against each other and the U.S. President and fellow cabinet members are chosen.
  • Meeting and interviewing celebrities such as Jeffrey Tambor and Lou Diamond Phillips (along with covering the White Sands Film Festival)
  • Watching a TON more movies than I ever imagined. (some great…some good…some bad…and some VERY bad!)
  • Writing reviews for my local newspaper for two years in a column called “Terrence’s Take”
  • Participating in fun blog community events such as Fantasy Movie Drafts, Fantasy Movie Pitches, Morality Bites Blogathon, Small Roles Big Performances Blogathon.
  • …and so much more!

It has been a real fun, surprising and FANTASTIC four years. But most of all I am VERY thankful for you all. Being here, reading, following, commenting, sharing, reblogging and

In honor of this fourth anniversary, I’d like to do a quick little give-away! This year, several great movies have released so far! Being that we’ve had FOUR years, I’d like to giveaway ONE of FOUR of my favorite movies to come out so far this year (2014) in theaters. (Obviously you may have to wait until it comes out on Blu-ray depending on the one you choose)

The Grand Budapest HotelGrandBudapest_BluRay

X-Men: Days of Future Pastxmn

The LEGO Movielego

Captain America: The Winter Soldiercaptain-america-the-winter-soldier.18405


The Focused Filmographer Four-Year Giveaway!!!

ONE person will get to win ONE of those four films when it comes out on Blu-ray! Here are the rules:

  1. Must have a shipping address within the continental U.S. (apologies to my international readers)
  2. Must visit the “ARCHIVE” of movie reviews (link on the top of the page)
  3. Must find the link to the movie review that the hint below refers to
  4. Must email me at with the link to the movie review of your answer by midnight (MST) Saturday, May 31st.
  5. Winner (chosen via random drawing) will be announced on the site on Monday, June 2nd on “Movie News Monday” and then will be notified and must provide shipping address…and then prepare to watch the film of their choice when it is available.
  6. (Not valid for any 3D version…just regular BD or BD/DVD combo where applicable)


So, here are your hints:

1. This movie, taking place at a time not so long ago, paved the way for the continuation of the super big overall story.

2. Presenting the first of the main character’s kind, this movie was my 100th movie review and its ending was much more chilly than the reception the film had from audiences.

3. The film has a big star that gets thrown around a lot.

4. No pirates, ships or crossbones, but a captain, a tank and a skull are present. — highlight the spaces to read the final hint (if you need to resort to that).

Thanks for playing! I will await your responses!

Happy 4th Year Blogaversary!
Happy 4th Year Blogaversary!

Thank you for being a part of my site for the past FOUR years. It’s been a great time and I look forward to more with you all here at

Thanks for reading. Happy Watching.

T, aka TheFocusedFilmographer!


  1. Pretty impressive milestone! Congrats and best of luck with the next 4 years! I’ll be sure to stop in more frequently 😉


    • That’s a good question. Actor still is accurate but it needs to be updated. No credit for The Avengers unfortunately. Perhaps I can get “critic” added in there but I’m not at the level of some of the critics out there. Will be though! 🙂 thank you much!


  2. T..congrats!! I still remember when you gave me your first business card and told me to that you would make sure “I never see another bad movie….EVER!” Well I’ll admit I was skeptical at first but you’ve not done me wrong yet!!! Congrats on 4 years and for many more to come…

    You WILL send me the movie (hand wave), those other submissions are NOT the submissions you seek (hand wave)



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