“Trailer Time Thursday!” 11.20.14

Today is THURSDAY!!! And you know what that means!! 🙂 It is officially time for another fun-filled edition of “Trailer Time Thursday!”

Here is your weekly fix of “Triple-T” (aka: “Trailer Time Thursday!”)!!

In case this is your first visit to “Triple-T,” here’s what it’s all about:

Seeing as how everyone loves movie previews, “Trailer Time Thursday!” was created to bring all of the trending trailers that you may have missed in theaters, or just need to see, all in one convenient place! It makes Thursdays so great! Get ready! Your Preview Pandemonium awaits!

Check them out and ENJOY!!! :)

Trailers of the Week: (all synopses are directly from IMDB.com)

1. The Imitation Game.imitation

  • Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, Mark Strong and more.
  • Releasing: November 28, 2014.
  • Director: Morton Tyldum
  • Synopsis: “Based on the real life story of legendary cryptanalyst Alan Turing, the film portrays the nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team of code-breakers at Britain’s top-secret Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II.”

Thoughts: I like a good espionage tale and this one comes at it from a different angle with a great cast. The story is rooted in actual historical events and looks solid. I can’t wait to spy this one out myself.

2. Miss Juliemissjulie

  • Starring: Jessica Chastain, Colin Farrell, Samantha Morton and more.
  • Releasing: December 5, 2014
  • Director: Liv Ullman
  • Synopsis: “Over the course of a midsummer night in Fermanagh in 1890, an unsettled daughter of the Anglo-Irish aristocracy encourages her father’s valet to seduce her.”

(There’s a Matrix “Deja vu/glitch” in the trailer, fyi)

Thoughts: A reverse “Fifty Shades” set in the late 1800s? Based on the play of the same name, Miss Julie undoubtedly has its target audience…it’s just not me.

3. Peanutspeanuts

  • Starring:  Bill Melendez and more.
  • Releasing: November 6, 2015
  • Director: Steve Martino
  • Synopsis: “For the first time ever, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the gang we know and love from Charles Schulz’s timeless “Peanuts” comic strip will be making their big-screen debut like they’ve never been seen before in a CGI-animated feature film in 3D.”

Thoughts: I’m actually looking forward to this. Some people are not a fan of the animation of these classic comic characters but I am. The voices and sounds are what I expect and anticipate. It looks like a fine adaptation to me. How about you?

4. The Duffduff

  • Starring: Mae Whitman, Bella Thorne, Robbie Amell and more.
  • Releasing: April 10, 2015
  • Director: Ari Sandel
  • Synopsis: “A high school senior instigates a social pecking order revolution after finding out that she has been labeled the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend) to her prettier more popular friends.”

Thoughts: A rip off of She’s All That? meh. Mae Whitman (Perks of Being a Wallflower) does well in highschool roles. At least we have a highschool dramedy that stars actors of the same age group as the characters they play. (I’m looking at you, Mean Girls and Twilight). Is anyone putting this body-image and self-worth movie on their “must-see” list?

5. Project Almanacalmanac

  • Starring: Amy Landecker, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Virginia Gardner and more.
  • Releasing:  January 30, 2015
  • Director:  Dean Israelite
  • Synopsis: “A group of teens discover secret plans of a time machine, and construct one. However, things start to get out of control.”

Thoughts: I like it, but I keep getting a vibe of bad movies like The Darkest Hour perhaps mixed with a decent movie like Chronicle. I am curious yet cautious. It is, afterall, produced by Michael Bay. I think we can guess how this will end but will it be good? The preliminary reviews seem to point to it being worth our time in theaters. Thoughts?

6. Son of a Gun.son-of-a-gun-poster-389x600

  • Starring: Brenton Thwaites, Ewan McGregor, Alicia Vikander and more.
  • Releasing: December 2014 (onDemand), January 2015 (limited theatrical release)
  • Director: Julius Avery
  • Synopsis: “Locked up for a minor crime, 19 year old JR quickly learns the harsh realities of prison life. Protection, if you can get it, is paramount. JR soon finds himself under the watchful eye of Australia’s most notorious criminal, Brendan Lynch. But protection comes at a price. Lynch and his crew have plans for their young protegee. Upon release, JR must help secure Lynch’s freedom, staging a daring prison break. As a reward, he’s invited to join the crew as they plan a gold heist that promises to deliver millions. However, as things start to go wrong, a deadly game of cat and mouse ensues. JR finds himself unsure of whom he can trust and on a collision course with his former mentor.”

Thoughts: Ewan McGregor is one of THE hardest working actors in Hollywood. This “honor among thieves” story of those who “live by the sword” looks pretty packed yet still lacking. Will this be something new? hardly. Will it be worth a watch? perhaps.

7. Age of Adaline.adaline

  • Starring: Blake Lively, Ellen Burstyn, Harrison Ford and more.
  • Releasing: April 24, 2015
  • Director: Lee Toland Krieger
  • Synopsis: I like the storytelling of the trailer and thus I will not spoil it with the synopsis. Watch the trailer.

Thoughts: A Blake Lively performance that looks good. I mean, aside from The Town, I haven’t seen much from her lately that I’ve enjoyed (Green Lantern, Savages) so this one surprised me. I hope it takes her career further. I like stories like this.

8. The Woman in Black: Angel of Deathwomaninblack2

  • Starring: Helen McCrory, Jeremy Irvine, Leilah de Meza and more.
  • Releasing: January 2, 2015.
  • Director:  Tom Harper
  • Synopsis: “40 years after the first haunting at Eel Marsh House, a group of children evacuated from WWII London arrive, awakening the house’s darkest inhabitant.”

I don’t know why Daniel Radcliffe is on the “screenshot” of this vid from youtube. He’s not in the movie.

Thoughts: Why didn’t the woman in the movie watch the first one? 😀 or, any horror movie for that matter. It sure makes sense to go to an abandoned house to live in a creepy marsh simply because a child “has no relatives” to me! [sarcasm]. I liked the first Woman in Black and am hoping for the same result here. It looks creepy and may be an actual decent horror film sequel. Let’s hope so.

Additional trailer: Cinderella. -Click the poster to watch. It is not fully featured here on this post because, if you really want to save the joy of seeing the movie magic when it releases, then you shouldn’t watch the trailer because practically the entire movie is shown in the trailer. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter, Hayley Atwell, Derek Jacobi and more.cinderella_ver2

Spotlight Video of the Week:


Man, I always love these and this is one of the better ones. It has so much fun in it. Enjoy! 🙂

Well, that’s it for this round of ‘Triple-T’!

My favorite trailers from today:

  • The Age of Adaline
  • The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death
  • Project Almanac

Which ones are your favorites??

—————————————–This Week

This Weekend’s Theatrical Releases:

Are you ready for the weekend in theaters? Here’s what releases this weekend, November 21, 2014:

  • Wide Release: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 1, The Theory of Everything (expansion) and more.
  • Limited Release: The Sleepwalker, V/H/S: Viral, Happy Valley and more.

Thanks for reading! Happy Watching!

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T, The Focused Filmographer

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