Who is TheFocusedFilmographer?

I’m glad you asked!

Thank you for visiting my page! First off, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Terrence Faulkner and I love movies! Do you? If you do too, then we have something in common and you will love my page!

I’m just a guy who wishes to protect the public by focusing on films and pointing you in the right direction of great movies while steering you away from the bad ones! I hope to protect your eyes from bad movies right along with protecting your pocketbooks so that you only spend money on movies you need to see….and don’t waste any of your precious golden shekels which you work so hard to obtain!

This blog of movie reviews is full of my opinions…because, well, it’s my blog. Enjoy if you wish. Subscribe if you wish. If not, that’s okay. But don’t blame me when you find out that you wasted your time and money on a movie I warned you not to see! And if you see me at your local theater someday, say “HI!” Let me know you read my posts….or, you can just leave a comment on this site! (the only thing I ask, is that you keep it respectful and refrain from profanity in your comments. Not everyone likes reading 4-letter words) Thanks for reading! Happy watching! –TheFocusedFilmographer

Please feel free to leave a comment, or email me at thefocusedfilmographer@yahoo.com

***Unless otherwise noted, I own none of the photos/videos shared on this page. If you own something and wish to have it removed, please contact me.


  1. Hi Scarletsp1der, thank you for commenting on my blog.
    It seems like you’re on an important quest, and I look forward to reading your reviews and other articles.


  2. TF,

    Enjoy your blog (linked from FMR site).
    Suggestion: please consider darkening font color on comments;
    it’s not so easy to see what others have contributed.
    Keep up the great reviews; will check out in the future. 🙂


  3. Hello Mr. Filmographer, this is Brian, and I am just a BIG MOVIE FAN, like you are!!!!
    I was wondering how often you release your reviews to the public? Is it everyday? Every week? Every two weeks? Is it more than two weeks or a month? How often? I am also recommending some movie that I recently and that I love and that I think you should try to watch; I am also giving out my grade rating to you, so you know what I rhought of the film based tmy grade rating; here my picks for you(as well as my grade ratings for each film that I recommend seeing!!):
    4). The Avengers
    My Grade: B
    3). Disney* Pixar’s Brave
    My Grade: A
    2). The Hunger Games
    My Grade: A+
    1). The Odd Life Of Timothy Green
    My Grade: A
    If you have any movies that you want me to check out, then please email me at:
    We may disagree on some things, but it’s our own opinion that counts!!!! And plus, the one common that we share together is: The Love and passion that we have for movies!!!!
    I hope we can be become movie friends,
    Signed by, your movie buff,
    Brian D.


  4. Hey Terrence. Great site, will be following it from now on. I’m still getting to grips with blogging and am trying to build up my profile – a lengthy challenge! I see you’ve managed to build up a pretty impressive profile and site here; could learn a few things!


    • Thank you very much. I appreciate the kind comment here. Not sure why it took so long for me to reply/see it. I follow your page as well and we can learn quite a bit from each other. I hope things continue to go well for you. Let me know if I can help you in any way! Thank you again.


      • You too, thanks for getting back in touch. One question – has being a member of LAMB helped give your site a lot more profile? I have applied for membership as I’d like to take my site to the next level.


      • I’d like to tell you “yes”, but I haven’t been able to see that mainly because of my own inaction. I have been soo busy since becoming a member and haven’t taken the time to invest in it as much as I’d like. I know there are several pages that have jumped right in and seen some great benefits from The Lamb. I’m glad to be a part but I have not taken full advantage and grasped the full potential of membership yet. And that is no fault of The Lamb at all. Great people there. I do enjoy using the Cinematic Consensus Group though. It’s smaller and a little more tightknit if you will.


  5. Fair dues. There’s only so many hours in the day, I know! I took a look at the Cinematic Consensus Group and would like to join; however, I’m uncertain I can maintain the (at least) two posts a week membership requirement.


  6. Hi, Terrence! As always I enjoy your work. I’d like to comment on a review you have not yet done — intended to be confusing, but I’m really anxious to hear what you think of the movie my wife and I watched recently: MANDELA, LONG WALK TO FREEDOM… or as we now call it in my house: MANDELA LITE.
    IMO, Nelson Mandela is arguably the most incredible iconic figure to arise in the past fifty years or more. His achievements and his methods of creating those achievements were on a par with great historic characters such as Mohatma Ghandi. I fully expected to see that reflected in the subject movie. The actors were good and definitely capable of much more depth, but the Director, Justin Chadwick did an atrocious job, and he produced a one-star movie out of what could easily been five stars. The scenes of numerous brutalities and atrocities committed by the Africaans were either just overlooked altogether or very much “softened” to the point of irrelevance. Nothing was said at all about the very pertinent entrenched source-conflict between the Zulus and the Zhosas, from which tribe Mandela arose.
    Even worse, after 27 years of the harsh imprisonment of Mandela for his prominent role in the conflict between the ANC and the white South African government, the movie suddenly conveys a Mandela with substantial political power, in a position to negotiate with the existing government. No lead-in, no explanation, no anticipation!… Mandela (a life-sentenced prisoner) was just suddenly a man of profound political power and influence. I honestly thought I had fallen asleep through an hour of plot development in the movie before Mandela had become a purveyor of power! Very poorly done on the Director’s part.
    The movie could even have benefited from a authentic South African soundtrack, instead of U-2 and elevator music.
    For a much better appreciation of this giant of a man, one should watch INVICTUS, starring Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon… and to better understand the core of the South African situation, CRY FREEDOM, starting Kevin Kline and Denzel Washington. Both are excellent movies!
    MANDELA, LONG WALK TO FREEDOOM should have been an important movie, and it deserves to be redone by a competent director. I’d love to hear your opinions on the movie, Terrence.


      • Don’t get me wrong, Terrence. Elba did a fine job, and he rose to become an actor whose work I will definitely look for in the future… but I think the problem with the movie was that it became unbelievable in its hesitation to employ any meaningful realism in what was, after all, an extraordinarily brutal period. I blame the director and possibly a TV-episode-like screenplay. Cheers! GRP


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